Microsoft demonstrates CHAD vehicle at Consumer Electronics Show


Microsoft has demonstrated a new connected highly automated driving (CHAD) vehicle designed to connect with the Microsoft Azure cloud and Windows 10.

The exhibit at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) illustrated how the technology prevents accidents and improves comfort and convenience. The new vehicle -2-x communication (V2X) connectivity approach uses data from the vehicle’s surroundings to boost smart service for convenience and improve safety levels.

The collaboration between IAV and Microsoft will allow Windows 10 to be streamed directly to the car’s dashboard, enabling data and services to be integrated into the vehicle via devices used by the driver.

As as a result of the convenience offered by these technologies, drivers will be able to avoid emergency braking maneuvers and reduce the chances of rear-impact crashes.

Peggy Johnson, executive vice president of business development for Microsoft, said: “It’s critical to develop mobility solutions that help keep everyone safe on the road – and in this case, by accurately and quickly relaying information about a vehicle’s surroundings to the driver.

“Partnering with IAV and collaborating on their concept vehicle gave us a reliable way to test and refine our unique platform, and we look forward to exploring together our next phases of this project.”

IAV has a number of test vehicles illustrating the current state of the future technology in Europe and the United States. The cars have managed to cover more than 43,000 miles across the globe with minimal intervention from the motorist.

Andy Ridgway, president of IAV region Americas, commented on the technology, noting that “great strides” have been made in the development of the CHAD vehicle.

As part of CES, there was a ride and drive booth at the event, allowing attendees to see the technology in action.

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