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Transoft Solutions has recently acquired UK based Design Pro Software. Both companies are pioneers in the transportation industry, delivering productivity enhancing CAD-based software solutions such as Sign Design Pro and Line Design Pro (Design Pro Software) and AutoTURN®, AviPLAN®, and TORUS Roundabouts® (Transoft Solutions).


The Design Pro team has become our UK regional office trading as Transoft Solutions (UK) Limited.

To celebrate our joined forces and future endeavors in delivering always outstanding products, we are pleased to offer new customers a time-limited discount of 15% off Sign Design Pro Uk or Line Design Pro Uk, or 25% if purchased together up to the end of November 2017.

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Sign Design Pro Uk and Line Design Pro Uk are a suite of Signing and Lining software solutions that work within small Engineering teams up to major large-scale Civil, Highways and Infrastructure projects ranging from small 2D developments to full BIM highway corridor projects.


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Sign Design Pro  Line Design Pro
  • Traditional 2d sign design
  • TRO & Parking Ribbons
  • Wind loading built-in
  • Custom Layers
  • Full Sign Schedule
  • 3D
  • GIS Export
  • IFC Export
  • BIM Level 2>> Read More
  • Traditional 2d line design
  • Road Hatching
  • Annotate markings
  • Data
  • Custom Layers
  • Add quantification
  • 3D Drape over surface
  • GIS Export
  • IFC Export
  • BIM Level 2>> Read More


Competitive advantage

Transoft has delivered software across the globe for its customers to focus on the important tasks such as design work and hitting deliverable targets. Using our “one button press” technology for complex tasks such as 3d, and IFC export, the software takes away the complexity.


User story: Stay on the right track

BIM Level 2 compliant design for traffic signs and lines.
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