UK govt announces plans for more accessible vehicle charging points


Electric vehicle charging points will be made more easily accessible throughout the UK over the next few years, the country’s government has announced.

Some 11,000 electric car charge points are already situated throughout Britain, but parliament wants to see this increase, particularly at workplaces and near people’s homes.

With this in mind, the Department for Transport is preparing to introduce the new Modern Transport Bill, which will outline plans for more than £600 million of funds to encourage the public to use greener and technologically smarter transport options.

A significant proportion of this funding will be spent on making information relating to vehicle charging points more widely available through mobile apps and an online database, while measures are being planned to ensure drivers do not need specialist membership with service providers in order to access charging points for their electric vehicles.

In addition, the government wants to create a public charge point standard for adoption throughout the country, meaning electric car owners would be able to charge their vehicles easily and in more places than ever before. Motorway service stations and fuel retailers will be among the sites first in line to receive extra charge points.

Meanwhile, the Department for Transport wants to see pricing information relating to electricity and hydrogen fuels made more transparent and consistent before specialist hydrogen refuelling stations are rolled out.

What’s more, the Modern Transport Bill will include measures designed to ensure more electric vehicles can be introduced to the market, without their charging requirements disrupting National Grid demands.

Chris Grayling, the UK’s secretary of state for transport, commented: “We are committed to making transport cleaner and giving even more drivers the option of using a low-emission vehicle as we strive to improve air quality across the country.

“Our ambition is for nearly all new cars and vans to be zero emission by 2040, and we are taking real steps to achieve this in the Modern Transport Bill.”

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