Updated signalling technology to boost LU lines by a third


New technology at Edgware Road station could see trains running as much as a third more frequently on the London Underground’s (LU’s) Circle Line.

A 90-year-old signal cabin is being disconnected so that newer equipment can be installed to improve efficiency and safety for trains on the Circle, Hammersmith and City lines.

According to London Underground’s managing director Mark Wild, the change – which will see the current mechanical levers being replaced by a brand new signalling system – will result in a 33 per cent increase in frequency by 2020.

“Upgrading the Circle, District, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines will enable us to increase capacity for millions of our customers. At the same time, it’s important to us that we recognise the significance of earlier technological advances made by London Underground,” he added.

Mr Wild told the Evening Standard that his organisation will ensure people can still access the cabin so that they get experience London’s transport history.

The signalling cabin has caused quite a stir, as it has been recognised as an item of historic national interest by the Railway Heritage Designation Advisory Board.

Mike Ashworth, London Underground’s design and heritage manager, explained that the cabin, which was built in 1926, is a relic from the beginnings of the capital’s world-famous transport network.

He added that the cabin is a monument to the “pioneering design and robustness” of engineering techniques and designs that are still in use today.

Mr Ashworth told the Evening Standard that it is important that London Underground does everything it can to understand and conserve the history of the world’s first ever underground railway system.

The design and heritage manager explained that the new equipment replacing the cabin has furthered the tradition of the organisation using cutting edge technology to benefit the people who use the transport network every day.

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