AutoTURN InVision

Sequence, Record, and Playback Vehicle Simulations for Engaging Video

Share your concepts more readily and professionally. Use InVision™ to animate, coordinate, and sequence multiple vehicle turn simulations and path movement at roadway intersections, roundabouts, and traffic access points; then export them to common video files for visual design confirmation and winning presentations for clients.

InVision features practical video creation and editing tools that allow users without advanced CAD skills or multimedia experience to take existing AutoTURN, TORUS Roundabout, and NEXUS Intersection content and produce informative AVIs. Presentations can be recorded and then played outside of the CAD platforms they were created in.

AutoTURN InVision Overview
InVision™ lets you share your concepts more readily and professionally. Animate, coordinate, and sequence multiple vehicle simulations around roads, crossroads, and roundabouts; then export them to popular video file formats for playback in visual design confirmation and dynamic stakeholder presentations.
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AutoTURN InVision Features

Create a presentation with AutoTURN simulations and generate an AVI file format for easy distribution and cross-platform compatibility.
By using drawings created within AutoTURN, engineers and architects can generate recordings for presentations during the project review process or to visualize and test proposed schemes

What Our Clients are Saying

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Platform Compatibility

File Requirements
DWG or DGN files that contain AutoTURN (ver. 7.0 – 10.1) or AutoTURN Pro vehicle simulations
DWG or DGN files that contain TORUS Roundabouts (ver. 1.0 – 5.0) or NEXUS Intersections (ver. 1.0 – 2.0) vehicle path movement
Platform Requirements
Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2007 – 2016 (except AutoCAD LT)
Bentley® MicroStation® V8.1, V8 2004 (V8.5)* supports only 2D AutoTURN simulations
Bentley® MicroStation® V8 XM, V8i
Bricsys® BricsCAD® (Pro and Platinum) V13 – V14
System Requirements:
Full support for 32 and 64-bit operating systems
Workstation: Windows® 7, Windows® 8/8.1, Windows® 10
Network: Windows® Server 2008, 2012
Languages Available 
English, French, German