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Based on the proven AutoTURN engine, TORUS takes an innovative approach of generating roundabout geometry using vehicle swept paths.

  • NEW FEATURES! Design Turbo Roundabouts which reduce conflicting vehicle paths helping to increasing traffic safety as well as speed and vehicle capacity performances.
  • Intuitive. Drag and place the central island and inscribed circle while dynamically updating the design to fit their location.
  • Industrious. Generates roundabouts based on vehicle movements and clearance offsets. Productivity and efficiency is stepped up by incorporating vehicle maneuvering and speeds as design criteria, rather than just as a checking method.
  • Intelligent. Vehicle speed control is one of the most important features of roundabout design. With TORUS, the fastest paths for a roundabout can be calculated and drawn based on offsets from reference geometries. Fastest path values are instantly updated.

Innovation at its best. TORUS revolutionizes the way modern roundabouts are designed. With speed, vehicle, and sight distance checks incorporated within the software, transportation engineers and planners can minimize the iteration process during the feasibility, preliminary, intermediate, and detailed design stages.

Praise for TORUS

"The new product (TORUS) for roundabouts is phenomenal…we were seriously impressed."

- Kam Szabo, P.E.
Senior Transportation Engineer
City of Bellevue, WA, USA

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