TORUS 5.0 Update Available

An update of TORUS Roundabouts 5.0 has just been released. The latest software update includes minor fixes to the software and adds new platform compatibility.

Aircraft Data Viewer New Version Release

Aircraft Data Viewer is a one-stop aircraft specification resource, with detailed technical information for over 550 airplanes and helicopters. Data such as dimensions, steering characteristics, door locations and jet blast impact can be viewed with ease. The latest version has just been released. Check out all new updates.


France unveils world’s first solar panel road

A village in northern France has become home to what is said to be the world’s first solar panel road, after a 1 km stretch of highway was opened earlier this month. The route, in the village of Tourouvre-au-Perche, is covered with 2,800 square metres of solar panels and will be trialled for two years […]


SITE CEM: Curb and Gutter Design

Another site design example of SITE CEM’s intelligent Civil Engineered Models (CEM) objects is Curbs and Gutters. Engineers can sweep curbs and gutters along any feature-line. Later on, curb drops can be added to design an ADA ramp. This information, together with a proposed parking island top surface is also visible in the updated cross […]


We’re growing…Again!

What do you do when you experience growing demand for products and support in a region? You find and assemble the best local talent who share your company’s values and you let them have at it of course!


UK set for major overhaul of railway management

The management and maintenance of the UK’s railway network is set for a major overhaul under plans outlined by the government that will remove many of the divisions between train and track operations. Transport secretary Chris Grayling explained he wants a system where each franchise is run by joint management teams, consisting of representatives from […]


Design a Mass Grading Surface for Construction

With SITE CEM software for AutoCAD, BricsCAD and Civil 3D you can easily Design a Mass Grading Surface for a Construction site, including building footprint. SITE CEM has been specifically designed for site designers and follows the natural workflow of a site design project. in SITE CEM, intelligent Civil Engineered Models (CEM) helps civil engineers […]


Compare and Calculate Surface Volumes with SITE CEM

Compare and Calculate Surface Volumes with SITE CEM for Civil3D, AutoCAD or BricsCAD. Besides of end-area report capabilities in cross sections, SITE CEM can also calculate volumes comparisons between any two surfaces. Area definitions designers to limit the comparison to the designed site only. The generated comparison report, which is a text based object in […]


Calculate cut and fill volumes for Earthworks

If you are preparing a building site you need to cut certain parts and/or fill others. SITE CEM software for AutoCAD, BricsCAD or Civil 3D can help you calculate your cut and fill volumes. With SITE CEM you can easily calculate cut and fill volumes for Earthwork projects as it lets you calculate the quantities […]


Earthworks – Cut cross sections of a surface

With SITE CEM you can cut cross sections, for earthworks, of the surface along any defined line in BricsCAD, AutoCAD or Civil 3D. The generated cross section is fully customizable, including horizontal and vertical axis definition and style as well as distorted scales. Users can choose whether to display or not SITE CEM objects in […]


Advanced Terrain Modelling on AutoCAD, Civil 3D and BricsCAD

SITE CEM’s surface and terrain modelling software tools originate from the trusted Eagle Point software for Earthworks. The completely redesigned algorithm provides swift, modern and reliable calculations for site designers. The Create Surface tool allows engineers to easily create DTM (digital terrain models) in base-CAD applications, such as AutoCAD and BricsCAD. Surface classification, properties and types […]


Analyze vehicle swept path and speed on any Roundabout

TORUS’s unique tool, called the Adaptive Roundabout helps engineers worldwide to analyze vehicle swept path and speeds on any roundabouts geometry. This video shows you how vehicle speeds can be checked on any kind of roundabouts to ensure safety of vulnerable road users (i.e.: cyclists and pedestrians). In this example we are using AutoCAD Civil […]


How to design a Turbo Roundabout with TORUS

In this video, you will see how a turbo-roundabout layout can be designed effectively in TORUS, within minutes. Besides conventional single or multi-lane roundabouts, TORUS is the first CAD application worldwide which is able to design turbo-roundabouts, designing a Turbo Roundabout layout often means difficulties for engineers worldwide. On this example we are using Civil3D, […]


Roundabout grading design in 3D

Besides designing a roundabout geometry in 2D, TORUS can also help engineers to create a basic 3D Roundabout grading design, which later on could be detailed further in vertical CAD platforms, such as AutoCAD® Civil 3D®, BricsCAD or Bentley InRoads®. TORUS is a unique CAD application, which helps civil engineers to design roundabouts based on […]


Quantity takeoff report for ParkCAD in Civil 3D

Construction costs for a parking facility is often what we care the most about, besides safety. In ParkCAD, for different design iterations, Quantity takeoff reports can easily be generated, assigning costs to 2D longitudinal and area objects. Like this, engineers can support decision making for different design layouts with estimated construction cost, extracting it directly […]


How to create custom parking stalls and accessibilty or disabled parking places with ParkCAD

How to design and create custom parking stalls and accessibilty or disabled parking places easily using ParkCAD. Advanced software for creating and designing parking lots. In a modern parking facility, many different parking stalls are needed to be created. Some would like to design electric charging stations, stalls specifically reserved for certain car sharing players. […]


Best layout for a car park

Finding the optimal layout for a car park designed in a boundary is a tedious process. Within the same area, different layouts can easily differ up to 30% in the number of total parking stalls designed. With ParkCAD’s Maximize Stall Count feature, hundreds of automatic iterations can be created in the matter of seconds. This allows […]


Design parking rows based on CAD elements

Besides designing point-by-point in ParkCAD, one other method is to utilize existing CAD elements to lay out parking rows in ParkCAD. CAD elements like: lines, polylines and arcs are all supported to created parking rows based on regional and/or national parking guidelines. This video is part off a recorded ParkCAD webinar. Visit our webinar page […]


Car Park Design

Should you need to design a car park layout in 2D within a predefined perimeter boundary, the ParkCAD software can certainly help you to be more effective. In ParkCAD, once you set up your drawing by specifying physical boundaries, access roads and entrances, you can design a whole parking area by one single click. Just select […]


TORUS 5.0 Simplifies Turbo-roundabout Design

It is hardly a secret that turbo-roundabouts are quickly becoming more and more popular in the UK, the rest of Europe and all across the globe due to their increased efficiency and safety compared to traditional roundabout designs. However, since turbo-roundabouts were only invented fairly recently, they have been introduced rather slowly everywhere outside of […]