AviPLAN Airside

To get an even better understanding of what AviPLAN can offer, we encourage you to watch it in action by exploring our video library below. Here you can find links to full length product presentations and other AviPLAN-related webinars, and shorter highlight videos which focus on specific features and functions.

AviPLAN Highlights

Not everybody has the time to watch a full length product presentation. Our software highlights are short videos focusing on specific features or problems. Explore AviPLAN highlights below.


AviPLAN in one minute


AviPLAN - Design Path


AviPLAN - Aircraft Parking


AviPLAN - Stand Design


AviPLAN - Pushback

Product presentations

Presented by internal product managers and experts, our Product Presentations are a great way to learn more about what Transoft Solutions aviation software have to offer. Watch the full length product presentation of AviPLAN below.

AviPLAN 3.2

Curious to find out more about the features and functionalities available in AviPLAN 3.2 and how the software is Empowering Aviation Planners worldwide? Watch this webinar to get an overview of what the software has to offer.

Other AviPLAN-related webinars

Explore AviPLAN-related webinars from our IN FOCUS category, presented by both internal and external speakers. While not dedicated product presentations, these topics are generally relevant for the AviPLAN user, and demonstrate some of the features and functions available in the software.

Finding synergies to accelerate compliant design

How can you make use of built-in regulatory frameworks of AviPLAN and AeroSTRIPE to accelerate your compliance process?

Taxiway regulation compliance

This webinar focus on taxiway regulation compliance, where we look at analyzing existing taxiway infrastructure, how to develop alternate design scenarios and more.

Taxiway fillet design

This webinar focus on Taxiway Fillet Design. We will look at taxiway compliance testing, and the design of taxiway curves and taxiway fillets.

Planning for apron expansion

The focus of the webinar is the recent aircraft parking planning for the apron expansion project

Planning for service equipment at the stand

This webinar focuses on the analysis of aircraft turnarounds and, in particular, planning for moving and stationary service vehicles.

Planning MARS stands

Designing a MARS stand comes with many challenges. Which MARS layout suits the airport? Which operational problems often occur and how can they be prevented?