BIM Campus Newcastle aims to develop new construction professionals


BIM Campus Newcastle is set to develop a new training suite that is designed for up to 15 learners.

The development will provide exceptional hardware and technology, allowing them to prepare properly to work in the ever-evolving construction industry, with nine students recently graduating from the “free” course designed to improve the skills of young people, reports the Chronicle Live.

The course was funded by Space Group and benefitted from sponsorship from local companies including RIBA Enterprises and Niven Architects. The site is located in the Northern Design Centre, where students can take advantage of a variety of BIM software.

Space Group has found there is a lack of digital skills within the construction industry and decided to introduce the campus in a bid to familiarise graduates with the latest technology available.

BIM Campus training manager Dayle Zieleniewski explained: “As the construction industry strives to improve and innovate its project outputs; shortening delivery times, cutting waste and reducing environmental impacts whilst doing so with an ever reducing workforce, it becomes alarmingly apparent that a big problem is on our doorsteps.”

Mr Zieleniewski went on to say that the campus was developed in a bid to bridge the skills gap required in order for educational institutes to achieve their aims.

He added that graduates enter their new positions with sponsors understanding their role and offering the skills required to deliver projects effectively.

Mr Zieleniewski explained that the new approach aims to reduce the six-month delay for graduates to properly contribute to projects and not be held up by software capabilities.

This move should make a big difference to the quality of young employees emerging in the BIM sector in the coming years, and it will be interesting to see if its success leads to similar projects further down the line.

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