Calgary Transit introduces Siemens S200 light rail vehicle


Calgary Transit has introduced a new Siemens S200 light rail vehicle, which was designed following direct input from the public.

Siemens has offered trains to Calgary Transit for over 30 years and introduced new approaches and enhanced collaboration with customers to ensure the best possible technology for Calgary residents.

The car manufacturer designed the light rail vehicles in order to withstand the challenging Calgary weather by including heated and slip-resistant flooring and triple-pane windows with low solar transmittance and forced air heating.

The vehicles were designed with passenger safety as the priority and feature on-board security systems, GPS mapping and a roomy open design to allow more natural light.

An “infotainment” system is used to provide route information, whereas back-up power systems and enhanced diagnostics systems help to boost reliability and guarantee that issues are resolved quickly.

The S200 vehicles are fully compliant with Calgary’s Access Design Standards, offering barrier-free access at vehicle doors, which makes them easily accessible for passengers with disabilities.

Patrick O’Neill, vice-president of mobility at Siemens Canada Limited, said: “Calgary Transit runs one of North America’s largest light rail systems and we’re honoured to collaborate with them to provide Calgarians with the latest technologies that will improve the riders’ experience, operation and maintenance, and overall mobility in and around Calgary.”

Mr O’Neill explained that Siemens has provided Calgary with its full flight of vehicles since 1981 and is looking forward to completing more projects in the future.

At the moment, Calgary’s light rail system features 82 Siemens U2 vehicles and 110 Siemens SD vehicles that have transported locals across the city for over three decades.

Russell Davies, Transit Fleet Manager at Calgary Transit explained that Siemens’ appreciation of the importance of the project and how it can impact the lives of Calgary’s residents.

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