Transoft Solutions Acquires Anexea to Strengthen Spain and Latin America Aviation Operations

Transoft Solutions, developers of productivity-enhancing software and services for aviation, civil transportation, and traffic safety industries, announced the acquisition of Anexea, a privately-owned company located in Madrid, Spain. Anexea has been one of Transoft’s valued reseller partners since 2020, focusing on the Spanish-speaking European and Latin American aviation markets. Anexea CEO, Javier Navacerrada Moreno, and […]


Transoft co-author Lana Samara wins TRB best young researcher award

Transoft Solutions’ Lana Samara was presented the 2023 Best Young Researcher Award at the 102nd Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting, for the Transportation Safety Management Systems award category. Ms. Samara, a Project Specialist on Transoft Solutions’ Traffic Safety team, co-authored a paper titled ‘Do Traffic Countermeasures Improve the Safety of Vulnerable Road Users at Signalized Intersections? A […]


Transoft Solutions Announces Leadership Changes

Transoft Solutions, developers of productivity-enhancing software and services for aviation, civil infrastructure, transportation and traffic safety industries, announced key organizational changes within their leadership team. Ben van Leest has been promoted from Senior Vice President, Aviation to Executive Vice President, Business Units. He will oversee all three business units, including Aviation, Civil & Transportation, and […]


Transoft Solutions Announces Daniel Shihundu as CEO

Transoft Solutions, developers of productivity-enhancing software and services for the civil, transportation, and aviation industry, announced the promotion of Daniel Shihundu to Chief Executive Officer effective January 1st, 2023. In his new role as CEO, Mr. Shihundu will be responsible for providing leadership, guidance and mentorship throughout the organization, developing company strategies and goals, overseeing […]



With the start of school in Autumn, safety studies and observations of the behavior of road users around school environments are increasingly in the spotlight. A recently completed ÖAMTC project once again showed that many conflict situations could be avoided if road users were more attentive and adhered more closely to traffic rules.   Conducted […]


Goldwind International and Transoft solutions announce strategic partnership

Transoft Shanghai (Shanghai Transoft Solutions Co., Ltd.) and Goldwind International New Energy (Beijing Goldwind New Energy Trading Co., Ltd.) announced a strategic partnership consisting of collaborative projects involving in-depth research and analysis to assist Goldwind International in providing safer and more efficient transportation solutions for wind power equipment. In this agreement, the two parties will […]


Automatic camera movement detection and why it’s important for your traffic analysis projects

Permanent PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) traffic cameras (i.e., controllable cameras whose feed streams back to a traffic control center) are often panned, tilted, and zoomed throughout the day as operators respond to congestion, an incident or a collision. And even if operators do not move the camera, cameras can still move if the support medium they are […]


What is Swept Path Analysis

What is Swept Path Analysis? Swept Path Analysis is the evaluation and calculation of the space required when a vehicle makes turning manoeuvers. Its purpose is to help ensure designs (such as roads, driveways, site developments or parking facilities) can accommodate vehicle needs during operation, or to ensure that specific design vehicles can manoeuvre through […]


Why Conflicts with Small Crash Likelihoods are Still Meaningful to Analyze

Introduction to Surrogate Road Safety In every interaction between two road users, factors such as drivers’ inattention, road surface, vehicle conditions, traffic situation, etc. have the potential to lead to a crash (Reason et al., 2006). This means that in the case of a collision, the crash might not have taken place if all crash-potential factors were not present at the same time. The same logic can be applied to […]


Traffic Video Analytics for Road Safety

On June 28th, 2021, a Dutch Magazine called Mobiliteits Platform (in English, Mobility Platform) interviewed David Homola, Transoft Solutions’ Europe, Middle East, and Africa Product Manager about the TrafxSAFE product – Transoft Solutions’ automated road safety analysis tool. This interview has been edited for length and clarity. Marcel Slofstra: What prompted the development of the TrafxSAFE system? David Homola: […]


Traffic Survey Video Analysis

TrafxFLOW provides traffic survey video analytics for traffic management and traffic flow analysis. It is a quick and easy video analytics tool for speed and traffic studies. Using almost any video source, practitioners can get accurate and diverse data metrics to plan, design and evaluate the performance of road geometry and signalization changes, traffic calming, […]


Drone Video vs. Fixed Cameras – Which is Best for Traffic Safety Studies

Lately, Transoft Solutions has been receiving more and more requests for traffic analysis from video collected using drone cameras. While the usage of drone video for traffic monitoring is still relatively new, it is even more novel for video-based analytics purposes. Hence, it comes with its own set of advantages, limitations, and considerations. The purpose […]



Transoft Solutions, developers of productivity-enhancing software and services for the civil, transportation, and aviation industry, has just announced the release of the latest version of GuideSIGN 8 suite of products with new and improved features for the quick and accurate design of roadway traffic signs, signing plans and pavement markings.


Analyze the swept paths of a variety of bicycles for safe planning and design of bicycle lanes

AutoTURN Pro 11 includes the ability to analyze the swept paths of a variety of bicycles for safe planning and design of bicycle lanes. Ensure your on-street and off-street design projects provide enough space to safely and comfortably accommodate different cycle types, including standard bicycles, tricycles, as well as bicycles with front cargo or back trailers, […]


Design safe cycle paths with the latest version of Transoft Solutions’ AutoTURN PRO

Soon, urban and transportation planners will be able to review whether their plans meet the rapidly growing demands that cyclists are placing on infrastructure for bikes – including e-bikes, cargo bikes and bikes used in sharing schemes. That’s all thanks to the upcoming version of AutoTURN™ Pro 11, which will make it possible to simulate […]


Transoft Solutions’ Response to COVID-19

Transoft Solutions is closely monitoring the evolving global impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID‑19) and we are following recommendations and guidelines from the local public health authorities and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for updates and directives regarding the coronavirus.


Bicycle Swept Path Analysis Included in New Release of Transoft Solutions’ AutoTURN PRO

Transoft Solutions Inc., developers of transportation engineering design software, has announced the release of the latest version of the AutoTURN™ suite of products with new and enhanced features.   Urban planners and engineers have long relied on Transoft Solutions’ AutoTURN when designing transportation projects. Whether used for new development projects, rehabilitation schemes or temporary traffic […]



We are excited to welcome Brisk Synergies to the Transoft family! Headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Brisk Synergies is the leader in automated road safety analysis. Brisk Synergies’ BriskVANTAGE and BriskLUMINA software platforms apply continuous deep learning analytics on traffic video to help assist transportation professionals reach their Vision Zero goals.

Transoft Solutions Acquires Canadian-based Brisk Synergies

Transoft Solutions Inc., (“Transoft”) a global leader in transportation engineering design and analysis software, today announced its acquisition of Brisk Synergies (“Brisk”) the leader in automated road safety analysis headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario.



Transoft Solutions Inc., a global leader in transportation engineering design and analysis software, has just announced the completion of its acquisition of Keysoft Solutions Ltd.

Transoft Solutions Completes Acquisition of Uk-based Keysoft Solutions

Transoft Solutions Inc., a global leader in transportation engineering design and analysis software, has just announced the completion of its acquisition of Keysoft Solutions Ltd.
Keysoft Solutions, developers of Building Information Modeling (BIM) software for traffic management and landscape planning and design, has been a close partner and reseller of Transoft Solutions products in the UK since 2005.


A purpose-built tool for airport airside planners and operators

by: Bernard Goodworth Twenty-five years ago, when I began with the planning of aircraft ground-movement areas, CAD was still in its infancy, there weren’t any “tools” available for this specific task. Swept paths still needed to be created by hand, on paper (so you mostly didn’t bother). In the CAD environment we created our own aircraft […]


Importing an AutoTURN or AutoTURN Pro generated swept path into SketchUp

This procedure requires an AutoTURN & SketchUp Pro license. Given is a scenario that you wish to create a 3D visualization for in SketchUp using a swept path generated in AutoCAD using AutoTURN Pro.   Create a 3D swept path for the scenario in AutoCAD. Keep in mind the units that the drawing is created […]


Calculate and optimize your parking area design

When designing a car park, the goal is to choose the best possible lay-out for the parking bays and aisles. The process starts by calculating the required parking area, and parking capacity. With the number of total parking bays and the right amount of disability parking, you can start laying out the car park within […]


Vehicle sight line and headlight analysis for residential projects

For new, brown or green field residential real estate development projects multiple stakeholders have to work together for a successful, high-quality final design. One of the details which is often forgotten is analysing what effect will the local vehicular traffic have on the future residents’ everyday life. Not only the volume of the traffic can […]


Swept path analysis: Presenting submissions to clients

This UK video demonstrates how you can apply specific styles to swept path submissions to make findings clearer, increase aesthetic value or simply match your company branding and CAD standards. You will also learn how to include additional analysis within submissions such as sight-lines, grade capabilities and conflict clearance. This video features UK drawings and […]


Swept path analysis: Modelling large vehicles

This video explains how to use the swept paths of large vehicles to aid in the design of junctions and to analyse suitability of routes. Specific features covered include editing swept paths and targeting of geometry using the various SmartPath tools. The video was created with AutoTURN.


Checking basic vehicle access

This video explains the basics of the AutoTURN interface and how you can perform basic swept path analysis; including analysing for emergency fire vehicle access and refuse vehicle access to buildings.


Checking refuse & emergency vehicle access in AutoTURN

Refuse collection and emergency vehicle access within the UK must adhere to specific guidelines, such as those in Building Regulations, Manual for Streets and relevant local authority waste management strategies. Accuracy of analysis directly impacts the safety, efficiency and design life of the site. This video demonstrates how to analyse designs for access, utilise site […]


Share swept path analysis results via Microsoft PowerPoint

Being competitive with modern day project requirements requires technology that enables, not stifles, sharing of information. So the simulation objects created by AutoTURN do not need object enablers and can easily be shared through multiple 3rd party document management systems, such as ProjectWise, Newforma, Procore, Aconex, Revizto, Microsoft and others. In fact, you don’t even need […]


AutoTURN – Main functionality

A closer look at the main functionality of AutoTURN, vehicle swept path analysis and turning simulation software for AutoCAD, Civil3D, Microstation, BricsCAD and Microstation. This tutorial webinar will offer new or beginning AutoTURN users, a run-through of AutoTURN’s main features. This video is ment for new users and for people who want to know more […]


Custom Vehicle Creation for Swept Path Analysis

This video gives you a clear explanation on what details you need to design or create a Custom Vehicle for Swept Path calculation. In the second part we will show you how to create your own custom vehicles in our vehicle swept path analysis and turning simulation software, AutoTURN. Besides showing you how to build a […]


Transoft Solutions Completes Acquisition of Airtopsoft

Transoft Solutions Inc., a global leader in transportation engineering design and analysis software, announced today that its Belgian affiliate company has acquired Airtopsoft SA, a leading developer of airspace and airport modeling solutions. “The combined know-how of the staff and synergy with our other software will ensure that we continue to offer products and services […]

Transoft Solutions Completes Acquisition of Airtopsoft

Transoft Solutions Inc., a global leader in transportation engineering design and analysis software, announced today that its Belgian affiliate company has acquired Airtopsoft SA, a leading developer of airspace and airport modeling solutions.


How AutoTURN Online helps Appel Architecten improve its retail projects

How does Appel Architecten use Transoft’s AutoTURN Online (cloud based vehicle swept path solution) to help it improve the design of its retail developments? Appel Architecten is an architectural firm based in Leiden in the Netherlands. Founded by Tijmen Versluis and Mark Verdoold and with the help of a team of independent architects, each with […]


Transoft Solutions invests in new office, staff, and technology to strengthen support for UK customers

To meet Transoft’s growing UK business needs, Transoft has made strategic investments to better support its customers and their projects.


Vehicle Turning Radius Calculation

How do you calculate the turning radius for a vehicle? Cars, trucks and even bikes all have a turning radius. The turning radius is the space a vehicle needs to make a certain turn, usually on a road. When new streets are designed or routes for transportation are planned it is essential that one keeps […]



Daniel Shihundu, Vice President of the Design Unit at Transoft Solutions, travelled to Vancouver Island in early October to meet with students at the University of Victoria. Daniel gave a lecture on intersection and roundabout design to UVic’s third-year civil engineering students.



AviPLAN 2.0 adds more functionality to the existing bundle of industry-leading aviation software, thereby enhancing productivity for airport planners and safety at the airside. The newest version of AviPLAN features 3D terrain capability, user-defined tracking points, new docking rules and more. Learn more about the newest AviPLAN release here.


The latest version of AviPLAN adds more functionality to the existing bundle of industry-leading aviation software, thereby enhancing productivity for airport planners and safety at the airside.



Transoft Solutions Inc., developers of transportation engineering design software, has announced the release of TORUS 5.1, the industry-leading software for designing roundabouts.


The newest version of TORUS 5.1 Roundabout software has been released! TORUS 5.1 features new design guidelines, mini-roundabouts, and new features for roundabout grading. Learn more about the newest TORUS Roundabouts release here.


Transoft and ITE Sign Licensing Agreement for New Web-Based App

Transoft Solutions, Inc., developers of world-leading software solutions for transportation and traffic engineering professionals, has deepened its partnership with the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) through a new joint licensing agreement involving ITE’s trip generation data.


Transoft Solutions opens new office in Shanghai

Transoft Solutions, Inc., developers of world-leading software solutions for transportation and traffic engineering professionals, today announced the opening of its new subsidiary office in Shanghai, China. The new office will serve as a key development centre for Transoft’s expanding Aviation portfolio together with Sales, Marketing and customer support.


Transoft Solutions Releases AutoTURN 10.1

Transoft Solutions Inc., developers of transportation engineering design software, has announced the release of the latest version of the AutoTURN suite of products. The industry-leading vehicle swept path analysis and turn simulation software, AutoTURN and AutoTURN Pro, have been enhanced with features that enable customers to design with confidence.


Transoft Solutions Acquires UK based Design Pro Software

Transoft Solutions, Inc., developers of world-leading software solutions for transportation and traffic engineering professionals, today announced the acquisition of Design Pro Software based in the UK.


How AutoTURN Online brings swept path analysis to all designers

Vehicle swept path analysis is an essential evaluation known in the architectural, civil engineering, and construction industry. It allows designers to simulate and visualise any scenarios involving vehicle access and circulation; thus, minimizing operational inefficiencies or costly reconstruction of the geometric or infrastructure design. Yet finding a tool for this analysis can be challenging for […]


We’re growing…Again!

What do you do when you experience growing demand for products and support in a region? You find and assemble the best local talent who share your company’s values and you let them have at it of course!

Transoft Solutions Opens New Office In India

Transoft Solutions, Inc., developers of world-leading software solutions for transportation and traffic engineering professionals, today announced the launch of its subsidiary in India to manage sales, marketing, development and customer support.


Sweden tests electric road technologies

A road in Sweden has become the testing ground for a new technology that could allow electric vehicles to be powered on the move, rather than by relying on batteries. A two kilometre section of the E16 motorway is being used for the trial, which uses ideas similar to those seen in some rail and […]


Replace T-junctions to make roads safer, report urges

The UK’s road network should be redesigned to replace T-junctions with mini-roundabouts wherever possible in order to make highways easier to navigate for older drivers and reduce the risk of accidents. This is one of the recommendations from a new report by the Road Safety Foundation, which noted that the UK has not previously taken […]


UK govt urged to scrap ‘dangerous’ motorway scheme

Plans by the UK government to ease congestion on the nation’s motorways by converting hundreds of miles of hard shoulder into permanent driving lanes have been criticised by a group of MPs, who described the proposals as dangerous. The Transport Select Committee said the dramatic change brings with it serious risks and all drivers should […]


New study to examine impact of driverless technology on UK infrastructure

A new UK research project is being launched to gain a better insight into the potential impact that the proliferation of autonomous vehicle technology will have on the country’s transport infrastructure. The People in Autonomous Vehicles in Urban Environments (PAVE) consortium, which is based at Culham Science Centre in Oxfordshire and counts infrastructure support service […]


Upgrade work begins as part of Manchester smart motorway project

Highways England has announced the commencement of work to upgrade 56 overhead gantries on a 17-mile smart motorway route near Manchester. The work will take place between junction 8 of the M60 near Sale and junction 20 of the M62 near Rochdale, with four specialist subcontractors utilising cranes, scissor lifts and cherry pickers to remove […]


Ant-inspired mathematics model ‘could aid management of traffic flow’

US mathematicians have developed a potentially useful new traffic model by applying mathematical analysis to the movements of ants. Students from the Harvard John A Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have used a heuristic technique called ant colony optimisation to find the most efficient time settings for traffic signals on a grid of […]


New electric vehicle infrastructure project announced by Nissan and EU

Approximately €18 million (£14.31 million) will be spent on a new project designed to improve electric vehicle infrastructure on the continent. The Fast-E project is being bankrolled by manufacturer Nissan and the EU, with the aim of establishing 278 charging points 80 km apart along Germany and Belgium’s main motorways by the end of 2016, […]


New 4D modelling method ‘can aid transport infrastructure planning’

An innovative 4D modelling method has been developed by Concordia University to aid the planning and completion of public transportation infrastructure projects. The innovative method is the first of its kind to integrate stochastic simulation techniques, which are algorithms designed to predict and account for randomness, into the 3D modelling of highways. This allows planners […]


Diverging diamond interchanges can save lives, new study shows

A new study has provided evidence that an innovative type of road structure called a diverging diamond interchange (DDI) can help to improve traffic flow and minimise the risk of collisions occurring. Civil engineers from the University of Missouri have examined the implementation of these designs in the US to see what benefits the interchanges […]


Driverless car sales ‘to reach 21 million by 2035’

A new report has revised upwards the estimated number of driverless cars that will be sold worldwide by 2035. The IHS Automotive figures indicate that nearly 21 million autonomous vehicles will be sold globally by 2035 – up from around 600,000 units in 2025, reflecting a 43 percent compound annual growth rate over the course […]


Transoft Solutions Completes Acquisition of ARCport from Aviation Research Corporation

Transoft Solutions Inc.announced that it has acquired the intellectual property rights to ARCport from Aviation Research Corporation (U.S.).


Police in Europe prepare for 24-hour speed enforcement blitz

Between tomorrow (April 21st) and Friday, drivers in Europe should expect to see a significant spike in speed enforcement activity across the continent. As part of the European Traffic Police Network’s (TISPOL’s) weeklong speed enforcement campaign, police officers will be taking part in a so-called “speed enforcement marathon” – a 24-hour blitz against reckless and […]


EU rulemakers and auto industry pave way for driverless car rollout

Europe is about to “pick up the pace” when it comes to getting connected and driverless cars on the road, thanks to a new agreement reached in the Netherlands last week (April 14th). Dubbed the Declaration of Amsterdam, the deal – which was negotiated by EU transport ministers, the European Commission and the European Automobile […]


New research hints at erratic indicating in the Gulf States

Many drivers in the Gulf States are putting their safety at risk by failing to use their cars’ indicators correctly – even if they say they do. This is according to the results of a new study by YouGov, backed by Qatar Insurance Company (QIC) and Road Safety UAE, and published on Tuesday (April 12th). […]


Transoft Solutions Appoints Steven Cheng as COO

Transoft Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce that Steven Cheng has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Cheng was formerly the VP, Software Development and Technology – a position he held since 2005.

Transoft Solutions Announces Reorganization Plans

Transoft Solutions has announced plans to reorganize by introducing business units focused on its core offerings: Vehicle Simulation solutions, Civil & Transportation solutions, and Airport Infrastructure solutions.


Major new study shows risk of smartphones to pedestrians crossing streets

Ever used your smartphone while crossing the road? Well, you’re not alone, according to a major new study from DEKRA Accident Research. The German company monitored almost 14,000 pedestrians in six cities in Europe – Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Rome and Stockholm – and documented their smartphone use in the vicinity of traffic. It found […]


Road maintenance budget shortfalls ‘up 50%’ in England and Wales

A new survey has found that local authorities in England and Wales saw a 50 per cent increase in budget shortfalls for road maintenance between 2014 and 2015, thanks in part to a 16 per cent decline in available cash year on year. The Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) survey, published on March 23rd […]


UK announces motorway trials of driverless cars

The UK’s motorways will host their first trial of driverless car technology before the end of 2017, according to newly released documents from the agency responsible for managing England’s road network. Highways England’s new innovation strategy, published yesterday (April 5th), reveals plans to test autonomous vehicles on the country’s M-roads “by the end of next […]


Germany unveils new transport investment strategy

The German government has published its new transport investment strategy, revealing plans to spend a total of €264.5 billion on infrastructure improvements between now and 2030. This is an increase of €91 billion on the country’s previous strategy, World Highways reports, and represents a concerted effort to cut congestion on major routes. More than two-thirds […]


California to explore Dutch SolaRoad technology

After having been successfully trialled in a small town in North Holland, a new technology that harvests energy from road-mounted solar panels is to be tested in the US’ most populous state. This is according to Transport Technology Today, which reported this morning (April 4th) that California and the Netherlands have agreed to work together […]


Greater Manchester opens first guided busway

Public transport users in the west of Greater Manchester should see their travel times slashed this week thanks to the launch of the region’s first-ever guided busway. The unique concrete track will serve buses running from the towns of Leigh and Atherton to the centre of the bustling British metropolis, taking just 50 minutes to […]


Highways England kickstarts trial of motorway fuel price signage

Starting this week (March 29th), British motorists using the M5 motorway between Bristol and Exeter should expect to see a small but significant change in the road signage along the way. Specifically, a high-tech new set of signs has been installed to show the price of fuel at nearby service stations in real time, helping […]

New app applies machine learning to travel planning

A US-based traffic information company claims to have built the first-ever mobile app that uses machine learning techniques to help motorists reach their destinations as quickly and efficiently as possible. Inrix Traffic, released on March 30th for Android and iOS devices, is described by developers Inrix as a “next-generation navigation and traffic app” that “learns […]


Transoft Solutions Unveils New Brand Mark, Signals a Positive and Exciting Change

Transoft Solutions Inc. has introduced a brand new corporate identity and logo marking a key step forward in the company’s evolution. The new logo features a fresh new look that marks the company’s changing operating plans, the introduction of exciting new product lines, and the launch of major developments of its flagship software, AutoTURN.

Connected cars ‘could spell the end for the traffic light’

After more than a century of service, the end may finally be nigh for the humble traffic light. This is according to a new study from MIT, which explores how connected car technology opens up the possibility of controlling traffic flow in a totally new way. Specifically, vehicles that are capable of wirelessly communicating with […]

New bus speed-limiting technology a success, says TfL

The introduction of speed-limiting technology to London’s bus fleet has the potential to substantially improve road safety in the English capital, transport authorities have claimed. On March 18th, Transport for London (TfL) announced the completion of a trial of Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) technology – which prevents vehicles from accelerating past the local speed limit […]


Global traffic congestion ‘has hit an all-time high’

Global traffic congestion hit an all-time high in 2015, more than doubling motorists’ rush hour travel time in some of the world’s busiest cities. This is according to the latest edition of the TomTom Traffic Index, published on March 22nd, which measured traffic volumes in almost 300 cities using some 14 trillion individual data points. […]

Fixes promised after report highlights Victoria tram safety issues

The government of the Australian state of Victoria has promised improvements to its fleet of much-hyped trams after a new report identified a series of safety failings with the equipment. An independent study by Interfleet on behalf of Public Transport Victoria highlighted potential problems with acceleration and braking on the AU$300 million E-class trams, as […]

Hyperloop trials could come to central Europe

Efforts to develop Hyperloop technology into a viable mode of transport are set to take place in central Europe after one of the main companies investing in the innovation signed an agreement with the Slovakian government. US-based Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) confirmed the move to explore the potential for the technology in Europe, which could […]


Committee urges Europe-wide rollout of Safer Lorry Scheme

The UK House of Commons’ Transport Select Committee has called for the mandatory rollout of Transport for London’s (TfL’s) Safer Lorry Scheme across the country and beyond in order to improve safety for other road users. According to the group of MPs, road fatalities in the UK rose by four per cent in 2014 Commercial […]


Liverpool to benefit from £340m rail investment

Rail passengers in the north-west of England are set to benefit from a major programme to upgrade tracks and facilities around Liverpool, it has been announced. Network Rail and the Liverpool City Region LEP will pump £340 million into the improvements, which will help deliver faster, more frequent and more reliable passenger services by 2019. […]


Driverless cars ‘may increase reliance on roads’

The development of driverless cars in the coming years may increase the need for smarter road and traffic management solutions, as it could lead to more vehicles on the highways. This is the finding of new research by the University of Leeds, published in the Transportation Research Part A journal. It stated that while an […]


Osborne commits to northern England transport improvements

A series of investments worth around £300 million to fund improvements to transport links in northern England has been announced by UK chancellor George Osborne in his latest Budget. In his annual address, delivered to Parliament yesterday (March 16th), Mr Osborne said the measures would be essential in supporting the so-called ‘Northern Powerhouse’ plans to […]


UK transport networks set to be monitored from space

In some parts of Europe, geological hazards like landslides and subsidence are a real and ever-present threat to transport infrastructure. These incidents can cut off homes, businesses and whole communities, and even lead to injury and loss of life. Now, though, help is at hand – and from none other than the European Space Agency (ESA). […]


New tyre safety technology successfully piloted in the UK

This week saw the end of a year-long pilot study into a new tyre safety technology conducted on the UK’s M6 motorway, and the results have been deemed so successful that its creators are already planning to trial their solution in other markets around the world. WheelRight, an Oxford-based technology company, masterminded the pilot with […]

Study points to gap between BIM awareness and adoption

In most countries worldwide, the vast majority of construction industry professionals are aware of the concept of building information modelling (BIM). However, whether they use it or not is another question entirely. This is according to the NBS International BIM Report 2016, which was published last month (February 25th) and provides a snapshot of BIM […]


Motorists struggle with basic road signs, insurer claims

A large proportion of Britain’s motorists are left perplexed by some of the country’s most basic road signs and markings, a new study from insurer Aviva claims. Published on February 5th, the research found that a third of drivers in the UK are unable to identify the “one way traffic” sign, while 55 per cent […]

Making all cars driverless ‘could stop 95% of accidents’

The mooted safety benefits of driverless cars are back in the spotlight after the publication of a new study from a top UK engineering society. According to the Autonomous and Driverless Cars report, issued today (February 11th) by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), some 95 per cent of all traffic accidents could be prevented […]


Finland builds intelligent transport test site

A group of public and private sector organisations in Finland have announced the first steps in a new project to build a world-class test site for intelligent transport in Lapland. Called Aurora, the project will focus on the development of autonomous transport solutions, connected cars, intelligent asset management and mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) at a facility north […]

Samsung pilots novel Safety Truck scheme

The Samsung brand is best known for high-end consumer electronics, but a new pilot scheme in South America suggests it might have something to offer in the field of road safety, too. Last week (February 2nd) saw the launch in Argentina of the Samsung Safety Truck – a prototype described by the South Korean tech […]


UK govt pumps £20m into driverless car research

The UK government has awarded £20 million (€26 million) in funding to driverless car research, cementing its bid to become a world leader in the emerging field. Announced by business secretary Sajid Javid in a visit to a test facility in the West Midlands, the funding will be drawn from the £100 million Intelligent Mobility […]

France to build 1,000 km of solar-panelled roads

Last month, the French government announced a somewhat surprising new infrastructure project: a five-year effort to pave 1,000 km of the country’s roads with solar panels. Segolene Royal, minister for ecology and energy, confirmed the plans at a conference of transport authorities at the end of January, Global Construction Review reports. She added that tenders […]

London launches technology-led scheme to improve bus safety

The London bus is an instantly recognisable icon of the English capital. It’s also internationally significant for another reason: with just 2.5 injuries per million passengers, the fleet has a world-leading safety record. And the city isn’t planning on stopping there. This week (February 1st), transport authorities announced a brand new six-point programme to drive […]


Improved rail infrastructure scheduled for Lithuania

Lithuanian Railways (LitRail) and the European Investment Bank (EIB) have agreed a €68 million loan to support improved rail infrastructure in the country. The EIB first worked alongside LitRail in 1996 and has supported the company in modernising locomotives and upgrading general infrastructure, with existing work consisting of railway infrastructure upgrades and renewal schemes across […]


BIM industry set to witness ‘rapid growth’

The global Business Intelligence Modelling (BIM) industry is set to witness significant growth in the coming years, a new study has found. Transparency Market Research has indicated that a tremendous increase in construction activities globally will lead to rapid growth in the coming years, while improved efficiency and fast workflow are some of the other […]


Light rail planned for Nashville transport system

There are now plans for a complete transit system for Middle Tennessee, including light rail and faster buses. Officials believe that the cost could rise up to several billion dollars over the course of the next two decades, reaching $5.4 billion (£3.7 billion) in capital costs and $300 million annually in operational costs, according to […]

New light rail system planned for Phuket

A new light rail system valued at more than 2 billion baht (£3.8 billion) is set to be developed between Phuket International Airport and Chalong intersection. It is hoped the plans will boost tourism in the South of the country and there will be 23 stations along the route, with planners deciding whether or not […]


First arches erected for Edmonton Walterdale Bridge

The first two arches have now gone up on the Walterdale Bridge in Edmonton, as the development of the structure begins to gain pace. Four giant jacks now stand atop the temporary towers, which will be used to install a 950-tonne central arch segment in a lift that will take roughly six hours, according to […]

Telensa invests $18m in smart city technology

Telensa, a specialist in wireless smart city applications, has confirmed it will invest $18 million (£12.7 million) to fund new end-to-end smart city solutions that use low power wide area (LPWA) wireless technology. This funding includes equity support from the Environmental Technologies fund along with debt funding from Silicon Valley Bank. The cash will be used to […]


Microsoft demonstrates CHAD vehicle at Consumer Electronics Show

Microsoft has demonstrated a new connected highly automated driving (CHAD) vehicle designed to connect with the Microsoft Azure cloud and Windows 10. The exhibit at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) illustrated how the technology prevents accidents and improves comfort and convenience. The new vehicle -2-x communication (V2X) connectivity approach uses data from the vehicle’s surroundings to boost […]


New Queensferry Crossing in development over Forth Estuary

The new Queensferry Crossing under construction in Scotland will be the third landmark bridge covering the Forth Estuary. Once the new structure is introduced at the end of 2016, it will represent the third landmark bridge to be developed across the water. It will stand alongside a road bridge and the historic rail bridge. The […]


East Midlands freight interchange approved

The East Midlands Gateway Rail Freight Interchange has now been approved by Transport Minister Robert Goodwill. The Strategic Rail Freight Interchange (SRFI) will be developed across 250 acres close to Castle Donington, meaning it will be large enough to operate as a significant infrastructure project. Space will be used for 6m sq ft of new […]

Calgary Transit introduces Siemens S200 light rail vehicle

Calgary Transit has introduced a new Siemens S200 light rail vehicle, which was designed following direct input from the public. Siemens has offered trains to Calgary Transit for over 30 years and introduced new approaches and enhanced collaboration with customers to ensure the best possible technology for Calgary residents. The car manufacturer designed the light […]


Bidders shortlisted for £400m Merseyrail contract

The bidders shortlisted for a £400 million contract to provide a new fleet for an upgraded and expanded Merseyside network have been confirmed. Bombardier, Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF), Mitsui, Siemens and Stadler will work on the joint venture after the tender process was introduced in October 2014. The project will mean new trains and […]


Joint Contracts Tribunal develops BIM guide

The Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) has developed a new guide to advise professionals how to make the most out of Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology. The practice note is entitled Building Information Modelling, Collaborative and Integrated Team Working, and is designed to help practitioners to develop a better understanding of BIM and offer information on […]

Seattle UW light rail station to open in March

A new light rail station is expected to open in March 2016, connecting the University of Washington to numerous areas of Seattle. Following years of planning and construction, the Sound Transit Husky Stadium light rail station is expected to open by the end of March and will enable faster travel between the University of Washington, […]


BIM Campus Newcastle aims to develop new construction professionals

BIM Campus Newcastle is set to develop a new training suite that is designed for up to 15 learners. The development will provide exceptional hardware and technology, allowing them to prepare properly to work in the ever-evolving construction industry, with nine students recently graduating from the “free” course designed to improve the skills of young […]


Work underway to install motorway noise barriers that pay for themselves

An innovative new infrastructure project has gone underway in the south of England that promises both to reduce the noise impact of a major British motorway and generate green energy at the same time. Earlier this year, Highways England joined forces with the M40 Chiltern Environment Group (M40 CEG), Wycombe District Council and South Oxfordshire […]

DfT data shows traffic in Britain on the up

Motor vehicle traffic in England, Scotland and Wales increased for the tenth quarter in succession in the three months to September 2015, according to new UK government data – contributing to the highest rolling annual total on record. The statistics, which were published by the Department for Transport (DfT) on November 12th and will remain […]


Study reveals average speed of every London bus

Driving in London can be a slow and frustrating process. For bus passengers, it’s even more so – problems like unexpected waiting times and driver absenteeism only serve to compound the city’s notorious level of congestion. In order to tackle problems like this, transport planners need the right data at their disposal. Historically, Transport for […]


Fewer than 1 in 6 UK firms ‘fully ready’ for BIM

Back in 2011, the UK government set about accelerating the adoption of building information modelling (BIM) in the country’s construction sector. One of its tactics to this end was to stipulate that all government contracts, regardless of size, should be delivered using collaborative 3D BIM within the next half-decade – specifically by the beginning of […]


3 in 4 UK travellers encounter pain-points, says Britain’s biggest transport study

Despite the UK’s extensive history of transport innovation, the country still has a long way to go before the majority of its travellers express satisfaction with their experiences on road and rail. This is according to Britain’s biggest-ever traveller experience study, Traveller Needs, which was carried out by the Transport Systems Catapult – a government-funded […]


AutoTURN Advanced Functions, Part 1: Custom Load Shapes

AutoTURN has long been established as the prime solution for swept path calculations in the AEC sector. Architects, engineers and traffic planners rely heavily on the simple and user-friendly Transoft software to simulate vehicle swept paths with extremely high accuracy in a wide variety of contexts. From simple parking lots in private homes to the […]


TORUS 5.0 Simplifies Turbo-roundabout Design

It is hardly a secret that turbo-roundabouts are quickly becoming more and more popular in the UK, the rest of Europe and all across the globe due to their increased efficiency and safety compared to traditional roundabout designs. However, since turbo-roundabouts were only invented fairly recently, they have been introduced rather slowly everywhere outside of […]


Luxembourg Solves Traffic Dilemma with Turbo-Roundabout

With just over 110,000 inhabitants, the city of Luxembourg is not exactly what one would call an overflowing metropolis. However, its traffic problems match those of some of the busiest urban areas anywhere. In fact, some sections of the Grand Duchy’s capital have been suffering from severe traffic overload for years. One of the most […]