GuideSIGN Plus

Ease, flexibility and improved productivity - New and existing features in GuideSIGN™ Plus

GuideSIGN™ Plus is built for designers and engineers, working directly within CAD platforms like AutoCAD or MicroStation. You can create customised signs from a variety of panels, arrows, fonts and other elements related to your project. Then create sign groupings and mount them on a structure type and place onto the road layout. To finish off the design, you can generate comprehensive reports outlining all the details. GuideSIGN™ Plus includes the latest North American and Australian MUTCD symbols/panels, AS1744 fonts libraries, intelligent object dimensioning, and innovative sign template creation tool – to design traffic and highway signs right to standard and ready for production in just minutes. Additionally, we’ve incorporated more features into GuideSIGN™ Plus for pavement markings to enhance your road design.

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GuideSIGN Plus sets a new standard for flexibility and versatility. Virtually any highway and roadway sign can be created according to guidelines making this release the most powerful to date.