GuideSIGN™ takes care of the details such as letter spacing, border widths, and panel dimensioning. And with all the sign panels and standard signs at your call means you’ll be done in a fraction of the time. The latest GuideSIGN version sets a new standard for flexibility and versatility. Almost any highway or roadway sign can be created according to set guidelines.

See how all the latest features in this GuideSIGN version compare with earlier releases for designing roadway and highway signs.

Compare Versions
Sign Design Features 7.1 5.0
Create guide signs using a graphic library of custom or included templates based on national standards
Design street signs with a graphic library of custom or included templates based on national standards
Multiple street signs can be generated from a selected template and added list of names and block numbers
Over 200 new sign templates specifically created for the MUTCD 2009 edition
Design guide and street signs with a graphic library of custom or included templates based on national standards
Addition of eight new multi-headed diagrammatic arrow types for Roundabouts, Thru-Turn (2 shafts), Split (2 shafts), and, Left-Thru-Right (3 shafts)
Highway Fonts and Panel Styles 7.1 5.0
Compatibility with TrueType®, ClearviewHwy® and FHWA 2000 Series fonts
Panel styles support various sign designations for standard road classification
Create signs conforming to MUTCD standards for panel sizes, colors, borders
 Support of US MUTCD 2009 edition with updated panel styles for guide, street, exit, regulatory, warning, and construction signs
 Support of US MUTCD 2009 edition for colors. Color selection now includes a set of all standard MUTCD colors along with the ability to define custom RGB colors
Exit panel shields for HOV, Toll, and Exit Number with full color symbol support.
Over 200 new templates specifically created for the MUTCD 2009.
Object Custom Design and Handling Features 7.1 5.0
Design custom multi-headed diagrammatic directional arrow types (for Overhead and Overhead Per Lane)
Create custom panel styles or custom templates to meet state standards for sign design
Create customized symbols, exit panels, and shields    
Point to Point snap for selecting key points on fixed objects in a panel design for precise placement of other objects
Snap to border lets short lines attach to a border with needing a margins separation
Center in Panel feature for centering one or more objects in a panel between a vertical short line and a border
WYDIWYG and Sign Cutting Features 7.1 5.0
Display dimensions for border insets, text string lengths, spacing, panel size, font size    
Display modes show signs in a variety of ways including black and white, color, or outline    
Export Sign for Cutter feature enables the selection of components of a sign, compressing the spacing between objects to save material, and export as a DXF file
Exported objects can be separated into color dependant files for cutting
Published Standards/Sources and Reporting Features 7.1 5.0
 USA | MUTCD Editions: 1988, 2003, 2009    
 Canada | MUTCD Canada Editions: 1998, 2002    
Australia | Road Sign Specifications; Standard Alphabets for Road Signs
Place standard or regional specific drawing sheets around one or more signs
Place standard or regional fabrication reports and dimension options around sign
Sign data can be exported to common text documents