ParkCAD provides users with superior control and flexibility to help make parking project tasks easier. The latest version builds upon the industry tested and trusted ParkCAD 4 and adds to it tools for enhanced presentation.

Discover how the latest ParkCAD release compares for quick planning and designing of parking sites for most sizes and shapes.

Compare Versions
Parking Lot Presentation 5.0 4.0
Includes a library of blocks and hatches to add more color and create attractive looking drawings to help visualize how a parking lot will fit into the larger site plan
Displays realistic pavement marking widths
Displays parking lots with curb and gutter, barrier curb, or no curb
Parking Lot Optimization 5.0 4.0
Creates economical and environmentally sustainable designs by minimizing a lot footprint and eliminating under-used space. Quickly test different parking scenarios to meet aesthetic, design, and functional needs.  
Calculates a site’s maximum parking capacity by automatically processing different row layouts, row rotations, and shifted row positions  
Defines where parking should be excluded with Parking Exclusion Areas. Physical Exclusions are ideal for structures, and landscaped areas. Access Exclusions are for drive aisles, and entrance/exit placements.  
Saves, manages, updates, and recalls multiple parking site design iterations in the review of different parking studies, proposals, or LEED requirements  
Parking Lot Designing 5.0 4.0
Displays traffic flow arrows to determine the direction of vehicle movement in one-way or two-way traffic
Shows vehicle movements and displays vehicles entering and exiting, circulating around aisles, and accessing stalls
Makes changes to the perimeter and interior parking row types using different confirmations including: Flat; Arrow; Bumper-to Bumper Interlock; Herringbone Interlock
Uses national and regional parking standards guidelines
Uses national parking standards and accessibility parking international standards for ADA, DETR, AFNOR, etc
Uses aisle construction lines to check the area required for vehicle parking maneuvers
Distributes extra drive aisle space by applying center paths (as walkways or green space) to rows  
Sets row angles and shifts in increments to complete a parking capacity study with Maximize Lot.  
Supports arcs in lot boundaries for use in the creation of perimeter rows and curved access and internal drive aisles  
Parking Site Elements (Rows, Stalls & Islands) 5.0 4.0
Creates parking rows dynamically between two selected points
Snaps parking rows to the perimeter edge or to other rows
Extends, trims or joins parking rows to an intersection with connecting islands
Adds pedestrian interior walkways within a parking row
Designs custom stall standards and assign symbols/colors for types of use  
Makes dynamic changes to stall angles and dimensions (width; depth)  
Adds and removes stall numbers from perimeter stalls or interior parking rows  
Generates mid-islands and end islands along a parking row  
Sest design parameters for mid-islands and parking islands (radius, width , depth, shape, etc.)    
Mixes small and large vehicle stalls on the same row  
Options for different parking island treatments (Concrete, Landscape, Painted, Default) for use in general lot design and cost estimating.    
Reporting Features 5.0 4.0
Quantity Takeoff Report – Detailed linear measurements, areas and quantities of parking objects (islands, stalls, etc.) uses costs per unit to estimate costs
Stall Count Report – View, save, and share a summary report of numbers and percentages of standard, accessibility, and user-defined stalls
View a summary report of parking standards used, quantities, and areas of selected objects, including custom created islands  
Define a group of parking rows or lots as a site to aid in reporting or for percentage requirement calculations for accessibility parking