Vancouver, BC, Canada

Transoft Solutions Inc., developers of transportation engineering design software, has announced the release of TORUS 5.1, the industry-leading software for designing roundabouts. TORUS users can design roundabouts using the Vehicle Envelope Method (U.S. Patent No. 8,650,004) whereby the initial geometry is generated based on design vehicle movements and clearance offsets. TORUS then provides the tools to edit the design, in relation to safety elements such as fastest path, path overlap and sight lines. Building on previous versions of the software, TORUS 5.1 supports new design guidelines, mini-roundabouts, and new features for roundabout grading.

TORUS helps design roundabouts smarter, more efficiently, and with fewer errors. TORUS reduces the amount of time spent developing roundabout designs during the conceptual, feasibility, preliminary, and detailed design stages. The software allows users to focus on engineering designs and be more productive by reducing manual calculations, repetitions, and iterations. Based on dynamic feedback, users can also make informed design decisions on the roundabout geometry as it relates to fastest path analysis, sight lines, and vehicle movements. Another advantage of TORUS is its ease of generating 3D models from 2D roundabout drawings.

“We want to give our TORUS users the ability to bring over a conceptual roundabout drawing into the design phase using the same software,” said Hannah Khosravi, civil designer at Transoft Solutions. “Designers can edit their design geometry without deleting, redrawing, and rechecking, which saves time.”

What’s new in TORUS 5.1:

  • The software supports new design guidelines: TAC 2017- Canadian Roundabout Design Guide and NCHRP Report 672.
  • Users can now design mini-roundabouts for when space is limited, to calm traffic, or due to safety/operational reasons.
  • Designers can now perform design grading that is more flexible based on the central regions, to design tilted planes or even folded planes.
  • TORUS 5.1 now supports the Stockdale Method, which allows designers to grade the central regions starting from the exterior (Inscribed Circle Diameter) to the central island.
  • Compatible with Autodesk® AutoCAD® / Civil 3D® 2018 and Bentley® MicroStation® CONNECT®.

About Transoft Solutions

Transoft Solutions, Inc. develops innovative and easy to use software for transportation professionals. Since 1991, civil engineers and technologists, architects, and city planners across federal agencies, State DOTs, airport authorities, cities, ports, and infrastructure consultants have come to rely on Transoft’s field-researched design solutions. Transoft engineers work closely with the world’s leading agencies including AASHTO, ITE, TRB, TAC, Austroads, and CROW to develop highly specialized applications serving over 30,000 users across 120 countries. Transoft Solutions is committed to providing best-in-class customer support through its offices in Canada, Sweden, The Netherlands, Australia, Germany and India, enabling professionals to design with confidence.