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Custom Vehicle Request

The custom vehicle creation service is a fee-based service offered by the Project Support Services team of engineers at Transoft Solutions to help you model vehicles not currently provided in software's vehicle library. For example, you might want to model a specific vehicle from a manufacturer or a theoretical design vehicle from a road design guideline for your project. This service will create the vehicle for you so you can perform the swept path analysis.

How it works

  • Simply provide our engineers with the required vehicle information (e.g. vehicle dimensions, steering characteristics, profile drawings, etc.,) and our team will contact you with an expected delivery time and a quote.
  • Upon payment, the team will proceed with creating the vehicle and provide you with instructions to load the new vehicle into the software.
  • Currently, the vehicle types supported includes vehicles with 1-part (e.g. Car, Single Unit Truck, School Bus, etc.,) or 2-parts (e.g. Tractor with a semi-trailer, Articulated Bus, etc.)


Starting cost for modeling a vehicle is $200 USD

  • Pricing varies based on the urgency and complexity of the model.
  • Deliverables include the vehicle model available for use in AutoTURN for Revit®.


To proceed with the custom vehicle request for AutoTURN for Revit®, complete the following form.

If you require further information, please email