How to solve common airside design and operational issues with AviPLAN

Check out the on-demand webinar to see and understand the solutions to common challenges when planning and operating an airport’s apron, taxiway, or runway. Using AviPLAN software, Transoft Solutions’ Senior Product Manager will guide you through airside planning, design, and operational examples, demonstrating frequent issues faced and how to overcome them to achieve the best results. The webinar will focus on four areas of application.


AviPLAN can be applied to numerous airside design scenarios. Watch how the software’s various commands help you discover and resolve expected problems in your designs, allowing for a smooth transition into initial operations.

Including how to;

  • quickly draft accurate apron layouts
  • verify safe entry & exit of aircraft and GSE
  • assess jet blast impact risk
  • visualize initial taxiway concepts and finalize surface requirements
  • complete efficient, reliable, and safe-to-operate designs of any remote or contact stand


Discover how to save time on compliance issues with AviPLAN’s analysis tool. Hear how the results of using the software’s Group Path command provide vital details for resolving compliance issues.


Learn how to solve stand allocation issues, not only when designing new parking arrangements, but also when modeling existing infrastructure. To understand how AviPLAN helps airports analyze the effects of ongoing and unforeseen operational changes, see how;

the software guides you through a to-do list to determine whether new aircraft can be serviced at the stand as is, or what changes need to be made

to avoid loss of taxiing or parking capacity when unplanned pavement maintenance is needed


See how AviPLAN’s video presentation capabilities bring the process description and technical drawings to life in a short concise video. Making it easier and safer, for all those involved in operating an aircraft turnaround, to understand.

Presenter: Bernard Goodworth, Transoft Solutions

Length: 53 min


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