Car Park Design

Jun 28, 2016

Should you need to design a car park layout in 2D within a predefined perimeter boundary, the ParkCAD software can certainly help you to be more effective. In ParkCAD, once you set up your drawing by specifying physical boundaries, access roads and entrances, you can design a whole parking area by one single click. Just select a defined area, and with a click of your mouse, automatically create a car park that conform to your unique design criteria using a set of powerful design tools.

Along with enhanced parking object editing and reporting features, and supplied parking standards guidelines, you can quickly test different car park configurations to find the ideal layout.

This video is part off a recorded ParkCAD webinar. Visit our webinar page to see a full ParkCAD recording and learn more about parking rows. This video was made using Civil 3D but ParkCAD is also compatible with AutoCAD, Microstation and BricsCAD.

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