Christmas Greetings and Year-End Remarks from Our CEO

Dec 11, 2017

Dear Friends,


It’s hard to believe the Christmas season is already upon us, and most are preparing for a well-deserved rest with family and friends. On a corporate level, the winter holiday is usually the time when companies take stock of the year gone by, and get ready to start implementing fresh initiatives for the New Year.

At Transoft, 2017 was nothing short of another busy year! Our people worked hard to deliver results in accordance with our 2016 plans. Our 2017 activities included setting up new operations in Germany, the UK and officially registering our office in Shanghai, resulting in a total of eight offices globally; the acquisition of Design Pro in the UK; adding some 20% new staff; our tech support scored an over 90% satisfaction score; our sales were a strong 15% growth over 2016; DOTs and consultants continue to find good value in our products across all Business Units (Simulation, Design and Aviation); and we continued to invest in product research and development.

Each of our BUs have excelled in developing and exceeding our customer expectations – specifics being too many to mention in this blog.

Plans for 2018 are in sync with our past performance and our future road map.  Given our past 26 years history, everything is the same, yet nothing is the same –  our energy and drive to build great products and deliver top-notch customer service has brought us to this point and there is no reason it will not sustain us into the future.  Needless to say one can expect 2018 to deliver exciting new developments and product enhancements across all BUs.

I firmly believe that our Corporate DNA has been central to our success. This DNA includes a holistic view of our purpose in this world. While we recognize the importance of being profitable (to support our growth) we aim to avoid being driven solely by monetary success. We believe it is important to remain humble in this success and contribute to our profession and our community in a sustainable manner – truly hoping others will follow by example.

We are half way to building our $1m Transoft Foundation Fund. This year in the true spirit of Christmas, we are filling Christmas hampers with food and gifts for five local families, paid for by individual contributions from Transoft employees.

2017 also was a year in which we earnestly deepened our partnership with educational institutions and strengthened our relationship with the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) by developing the ITETripGen app. The app will allow ITE’s nearly 15,000-strong membership to access its entire trip generation dataset online.  We continue to provide guidance to AASHTO to enhance the process for developing design vehicles.

As a company that values and celebrates diversity in all forms, whether it’s the wide customer base in 120-plus countries, or the 35 different countries of origin, representing 30% of our employee base, we at Transoft celebrate the Christmas season in a more extended form, just as it should be – embracing and valuing all of humanity regardless of our religious beliefs.

It’s only fitting that we thank each one of you – our valued customers and partners – for your steadfast support of our products and, in turn, of Transoft. We hope that your 2018 will be a good, healthy and happy one!



Milton Carrasco
President & CEO
Transoft Solutions Inc.