Great people, products and aligned values make for a winning formula

May 5, 2017

If it seems like Transoft has been growing in leaps and bounds of late you would be right to think so! Earlier this year we opened a new office in Germany and before that an office in India. Last year we added to our growing portfolio of products through the acquisition of ArcPORT. To say that we’ve been busy would be an understatement!

Today we are proud to announce the completion of yet another acquisition which brings the excitement of new products and a new office location. UK based firm, Design Pro Software, led by Mr. Martin Quigley, will be joining Transoft’s expanding team bringing with him extensive knowledge of BIM related technologies and a line of Sign Design and Lane Marking solutions.

When asked about what excited him most about joining Transoft, Martin replied, “When I flew to Vancouver to meet Transoft, “the company”, what stood out above all else and has left a lasting impression was how everyone supports one another. From Sales to Development there is no individual, it’s very much a family with an obvious internal supporting structure that rewards and encourages team development.”

While great leadership and forward thinking have been Transoft hallmarks over our 25 years, what’s been at the foundation of it all is our unrelenting commitment to 3 key pillars: our people, our customers, and our products. Martin and his team, the technologies and expertise they bring, and the quality solutions and services they provide to their customers fit perfectly with our own values and way of thinking. And that, I’d say, makes for a winning formula.

What does success look like to you?

Be sure to read the Press Release to learn more about this exciting news!