Diversity and Inclusion

Jun 19, 2020

The ongoing civil protests and demonstrations across North America and around the world highlight the systemic racism, discrimination and oppression that unfortunately still exists today. Transoft Solutions unequivocally stands in solidarity with those who are seeking real and lasting change in eliminating systemic discrimination and brutality in any forms. We will do our part to help accelerate this change.  We may hold different political views, but we must uphold the same universal values in equality and in basic human rights.

Respect, diversity, and inclusion are fundamental operating principles embedded in the fabric of our company culture and values.

  • Transoft employees represent over 40 nationalities and we welcome their distinct point of view and ideas to hold us to higher standards.
  • Our Senior Management Team includes members from different cultural backgrounds and each of them bring their unique perspectives to help us make better business decisions.
  • The Transoft Foundation was established to actively support ongoing learning and education for women of all backgrounds. Through this Foundation, we will be expanding our goals to help and fund organizations that are actively working to address anti-racism and other inequalities.

We cannot lose sight of the ultimate goal ─ guaranteeing the equality of every person on this planet ─ regardless of color, creed, or culture.