Aug 3, 2018


Today our Canadian headquarters is celebrating TEFA which stands for Transoft Employee and Family Appreciation. First introduced in 2015, TEFA is celebrated annually throughout all of our 8 offices around the world. In Canada, TEFA occurs on the Friday preceding the BC Statutory holiday effectively giving our people an extra long weekend.

Why do we do this?

Perhaps Transoft’s President and CEO, Milton Carrasco, captures the essence of the special day best by saying “TEFA is Transoft’s way of simply saying thanks to you and your supportive families for making Transoft this special company whose heart is in making a difference in this world we live in.

At Transoft we strive to create a work environment that is equal parts rewarding, challenging, interesting and fulfilling. And to do so successfully means recognizing that there are influences outside the normal 9-5 that play a vital role in our ability to contribute our best.
As a company that prides itself on family-based values, introducing TEFA just felt right and was yet another way for us to give back to those that have helped elevate us to where we are now.