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Leverage your video data to get rich traffic intelligence

TrafxFLOW supports the growing need for data that goes beyond traffic counts. Unlike traditional traffic count solutions, TrafxFLOW provides you with an efficient online application to produce reliable and comprehensive data that includes counts, speeds, and a variety of road user classification types from virtually any video source including temporary cameras, permanent cameras, or drones.

TrafxFLOW processes videos collected using permanent cameras, temporary cameras, or drones. From bicycles to cars, to buses and trucks, to heavy haul industrial transport – TrafxFLOW lets you capture all the different movements and presents the data on an online dashboard to show what is really happening on your intersection or road.
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Meet and exceed transportation expectations on your traffic data collection with a software that keeps your employees safe by collecting data in a non-obtrusive way.


Leverage existing video data, whether from live connected cameras or historical video data, and using video ranging from short term to long term periods.


Classify and track over 15 vehicle and vulnerable road user types using a single camera.


Count and speed accuracy levels that have been validated to be above industry standards.


Interactive web-based dashboards and rich datasets available when you need them.


Traffic Studies

TrafxFLOW - Traffic Studies

TrafxFLOW’s video analytics provide detailed road user counts per movement for up to 15 different types of road users. This data can be used as the first input into your traffic impact study and assessment.

Speed and Delay Studies

TrafxFLOW - Speed and Delay Studies

Dive deep into trends in road user over-speeding and queue buildup. This data can be used to help with assessing speed trends, establishing speed zones, or even evaluating traffic signal locations and setting signal clearance intervals.

Road User Behavioral Analysis

TrafxFLOW - Road User Behavioral Analysis

Study road user behavior such as jaywalking, illegal movement analysis, and intersection blocking.

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