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What is the wingspan of a Boeing B757-200 with retrofitted winglets? Such questions are posed daily by airport operational staff, planners, engineers and many other professionals in the aviation industry. Aircraft Data Viewer provides the answer to this question and more. With an aircraft library presenting key data and graphical illustrations for more than 500 aircraft models, industry professionals need not look any further.

Relevant information such as aircraft dimensions, steering characteristics, door locations and jet blast impact can be viewed with ease. The location of ground service connections can also be found together with the type and position of the various aircraft service vehicles.

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Aircraft Data Viewer is a one-stop resource with detailed technical information on over 500 aircraft. Sort, rank, filter and compare aircraft specifications, then export the required output to PDF to present to operational staff or stakeholders.
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Aircraft Data Viewer features

The Doors view shows aircraft in side view with a clear indication of the passenger door locations. The exact positions measured from the nose of the aircraft and door sill heights are summarized in a table.
The Main Dimensions view displays aircraft in top view, front view, and side view, including measurements. In a table, general information such as FAA/ICAO category is presented together with dimensions.

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Network: Windows® Server 2012 – 2022
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