AutoTURN Lite


AutoTURN Lite is a low-cost, entry-level vehicle turn simulation software for modeling basic maneuvers. With just a core feature set, AutoTURN Lite will have you up and running vehicle simulations quickly and easily without the need for extensive training.

Learn how the latest AutoTURN Lite release compares with the standard version of AutoTURN for performing vehicle simulations, analysis, and visualization work.

Comparatif de Produits
Vehicle Swept Path & Turn Simulations AutoTURN AutoTURN Lite
Number of generated path sections for vehicle simulations unlimited 20
 Number of internal parts supported for generation of vehicle maneuvers and swept path envelopes 20 2
Number of internal vehicle parts supported by reverse maneuvers 4 1
 SmartPath tools for generating arc and corner path simulations    
 Support for vehicle chamfered corners in swept path envelope    
 Steer A Path: Drive a vehicle by moving the mouse along a path  
 Ability to create and analyze loads  
 Ability to create and analyze lines of sight  
 Simulate a vehicle oversteer maneuvering situation  
 Select a vehicle’s sweep angle (for corner and oversteer)  
 Specify rear steering linkage ration between front and rear wheels  
Specialized Transportation Systems AutoTURN AutoTURN Lite
Support for 2-part independent rear steering special vehicles
Custom create independent rear steered vehicles
Support Vehicles with Rear Steerable axles  
Vehicle Placement Tools AutoTURN AutoTURN Lite
Place a vehicle simulation along a pre-drawn path
Place vehicles offset from a boundary element
Display and Presentation Features AutoTURN AutoTURN Lite
Display inner, centerline, curb to curb, and wall to wall radius
Ability to use realistic vehicle plan views
View an animated simulation of a vehicle as it traverses a path
Generate, save, and export InVision presentation data to AVIs
Customization and Reporting AutoTURN AutoTURN Lite
Create custom vehicles with user-sourced specifications
Generate turning and articulation angle reports
Vehicle Libraries and Vehicle Types AutoTURN AutoTURN Lite
USA: AASHTO 20011 (USA) | CALTRANS 2008 (USA) | TAC (CAN) sold separately
AUSTRALIA: AUSTROADS 2006 (AU) | NEW ZEALAND 2007 (NZ sold separately
EMEA: UK | FR | DE | NL | DK | AUT | FI | NO | CH | CZ | IT | SE | IS sold separately
 Vehicle database with ability to sort by region, type, class, no. of parts    
Includes assorted vehicle types ( fire engine; sports utility; artic. buses)