TORUS Advanced

Online Training  @ 9:00 am EST

Learning Objectives:

This course covers advanced TORUS 6.0 tools to design and analyze modern roundabouts. Participants will learn developing and applying assemblies, generating 3D renderings, utilizing advanced editing tools, creating grading surfaces and generating the daylighting, generating non-circular and turbo roundabouts. Leave confident using advanced TORUS skillsets to effectively generate and analyze roundabouts and conduct applicable design controls.

Course Outline:

  • Define customized assemblies and apply them to the modern roundabout elements
  • Generate 3D rendering of the roundabout with the assemblies
  • Create and edit surface grading designs, low points and high points
  • Generate 3D daylighting
  • Review turbo-roundabouts tool
  • Review non-circular configurations for modern roundabouts including elliptical, dumbbell and peanutabout

Who is it for:

  • Users familiar with the basic TORUS functions
  • Existing users of TORUS who have not received formal training or who need a refresher
  • Designers, Engineer-in-training, Engineers, Technologists, Technicians, City Planners, Architects


  • Basic AutoCAD and/or MicroStation knowledge
  • Computer system running TORUS 0 on a compatible CAD platform
  • Internet access via recently updated web browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox)
  • Computer with speakers/headset, microphone, webcam (optional)


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