Transoft Solutions features a wide range of vehicle simulation and transportation engineering software for the AEC industry. Whether you are working on a site design, loading bay, parking lot, roundabout, intersection or sign design plan, Transoft has your needs covered with highly specialized and easy-to-use software developed by, and for, transportation engineering professionals.
Vehicle Simulation
The largest selection of advanced swept path solutions to suit your design needs.
    The advanced swept path solution for modeling 3D vehicle simulations and checking spatial clearance.
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    The leading vehicle swept path analysis and turning simulation CAD software.
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    The premiere online solution for performing vehicle turning simulations.
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    The vehicle swept path solution for architects using Autodesk® Revit®.
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    CAD turning templates are an affordable solution for simple roadway and site design projects.
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  • Manufactured-based vehicle-library
    Subscribe to MAP for AutoTURN Pro and get 250+ vehicle models based on manufacturer specifications.
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Signage & Marking
Streamline the traffic sign planning and designing process with powerful and flexible software.
    Powerful CAD software for creating highway and roadway signs in just minutes.
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    Design highway and roadway signs with traffic sign planning and placement abilities.
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    Modernize the workflow of designing roadway sign assemblies and placing them in traffic signing plans.
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Traffic Impact
Innovative online software for on-demand traffic impact data and analysis.
  • OTISS Pro
    On-demand traffic impact data and analysis for multiple land use development.
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  • TrafxFLOW
    On-demand video-based solution providing various multimodal traffic metrics through an online dashboard.
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Road & Intersection Design
From new road construction to rehabilitation work, our solutions accelerate the process.
    Roundabout design solution for the feasibility, conceptual, preliminary, and detailed design stages.
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    The leading roadway intersection design solution for new construction and rehabilitation projects.
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    Quickly design DDI geometry based on site-specific constraints, design guidelines, lane configuration, design speed and vehicles.
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    A new approach to curb ramp design. Plan, retrofit, design & 3D model to compliance in minutes
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Site Design & Development
Quickly design and check different layouts using optimum workflow processes.
    Advanced CAD software for planning and designing parking sites of all sizes.
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We have solutions that will help you save time, improved operational efficiency and increase safety. From conceptual design to construction, we've got the right tools for your projects. Below is a table that shows some of the projects that our products are invaluable for.
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Intersection, Roundabout,
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Vehicle Turning Simulation Signage &
Site Design Traffic Impact
Project Type Torus Nexus Nexus DDI Autoturn
Diverging Diamond Interchange
Site Development
Construction Site
Mining Site
Ports & Terminal Site

What Our Clients are Saying

AutoTURN is the best model we are aware of to determine the offtracking characteristics of vehicles on turns of various radii and central angles.
- Caltrans, USA
We have been using AutoTURN Online and it works fine for us. As an architectural office developing a wide range of projects, we use AutoTURN Online because we use Apple (Mac) computers and there isn't another program that supports Apple (OS) or ARCHICAD.
Edwin Smit, Mulderblauw architecten, The Netherlands
We are extremely pleased with AutoTURN as our choice of turn-path analysis software. In addition to being user-friendly as a product, administration of the software to the Department has also proven to be a simple endeavor.
- Nebraska Department of Roads
OTISS successfully implements the methodology of the ITE trip generation handbook in an easily accessible portable format.
GuideSIGN allows us to generate finished shop drawings complete with titleblock, sign layout, letter and symbol location tables in minutes.
- Juan Rodriguez, Designer, Lochner Inc.
GuideSIGN drastically cuts man-hours from hand drafting sign layouts.
- Wyoming D.O.T, USA
TORUS for roundabouts is phenomenal. There are only a few in-house CAD users and designers here at the city, but we were seriously impressed.
– Kam Szabo, P.E., Senior Transportation Engineer, Transportation Dept. City of Bellevue, WA
The use of GuideSIGN has greatly reduced the time needed for developing the large sign layout sheets for our roadway plans.
Takes much less time to design signs and provide reports.
- Lochrane Engineering, USA
AutoTURN is a solid product which accurately represents the turning paths of vehicles…very helpful for demonstration and design purposes.
- City of Calgary
ParkCAD is  great program that helps tremendously with parking layouts.
- Cosby Wood, Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc.
Excellent program compared with any other sign program. GuideSIGN helps traffic engineers design major guide signs, destination signs and any other signs that meet MUTCD criteria. A very powerful and beneficial tool for traffic engineers.
- Florida Department of Transportation, USA
ParkCAD simplifies the method of creating parking layouts.
- David Chan, Aplin Martin
Huge time savings in developing initial design options. I like the fact that vehicle paths are tied to intersection geometry.
- George Koumoutsidis – Stantec Inc.
We have found the program (AutoTURN) a pleasure to work with and use. We highly recommend your software to our peers.
- Reid Middleton
GuidSIGN takes the guesswork out and because of WYSIWYG, it has such a great advantage over previous sign design programs which show no graphics.
- North Carolina D.O.T, USA
The City of Gold Coast Design branch utilizes Transoft Solutions AutoTURN for the validation of vehicle turning paths on various municipal projects and finds this a very competent tool that allows timely and cost effective evaluation and decision making. I've always found Transoft Solutions a very helpful and competent company to deal with.
- Peter Crutch, Executive Coordinator Minor Projects, City of Gold Coast, Australia
ParkCAD is a very useful tool for layouts. Great for speed!
- Pius Lee, SNC-Lavalin
The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Technical Committee on Geometric Design wishes to express our appreciation for the technical assistance provided by your company.
- Mark A. Marek, P.E , Chair, AASHTO Tech. Committee on Geometric Design
As current subscriber to TORUS, we are very satisfied with its capability in roundabout design. Fast path speed check and real time edit tools has been extremely helpful. It is efficient for running iterations and verifying design vehicle compatibility.
- Kwok Choy, Al-Terra Engineering Ltd.
Right off the bat, (TORUS) was very user-friendly and all the menus are very straightforward. I was able to do everything I had done previously and more on that complex intersection within minutes. It took me ten minutes to do what I had done with the other software in three weeks. I’m only at the beginner level of roundabout design, so it was a learning experience for me.
– Jorge Simbaqueba, EIT, BETA Group, Connecticut
Looking at plans, most people have a tough time visualizing what something is going to look like. Being able to say ‘what is the real impact?’ and getting the right answer is key. I think AutoTURN Pro 3D is a little conservative, but that’s the way it’s supposed to be. I think that is good. If it looks fine on the screen, then I sleep well at night.
- Brian Dubal, Senior Engineer at VLMK Consulting, Portland, OR
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