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Traffic Sign Planning Features
  • Sign assembly creation and editing
  • GuideSIGN and user-created content support
  • Federal and regional sign libraries
Sign Design Features
  • Choose from over 200 sign templates to create multiple guide signs and street signs.
Highway Fonts & Panel Styles
  • Compatible with TrueType®, ClearviewHwy®, and FHWA 2000 Series fonts and supports US MUTCD 2009 edition for colors and panel styles
Object Customization
  • Create and design custom multi-headed directional arrows, panel styles, symbols, and more.
  • Precisely place signs and objects
“WYDIWYG” and Sign Cutting Features
  • Display dimensions, modes, colors, and outlines. Export sign features compresses space to save material and can export as a DXF file.
Published Standards/Sources and Reporting Features
  • Use standards from MUTCD USA and Canada, and Australia’s Road Sign Specifications

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