We’re celebrating 30 years of
Transoft Solutions!

It was in 1991 that two engineers—one civil, one mechanical—met and came up with a revolutionary, disruptive CAD-based software, AutoTURN™, that would become the foundation of a company, Transoft Solutions Inc. Fast forward three decades and Transoft has grown to be a global company that develops some of the most innovative and thoroughly researched software for transportation professionals.

We hope you enjoy this corporate overview through our archives!

The Start of the Journey

In 1991, the company launched AutoTURN which was borne from Transoft’s CEO Milton Carrasco’s master’s thesis “Computerized Vehicle-Turning Simulation: An Interactive Application”. Transoft Solutions opens its first official headquarters in Richmond, BC and starts its incredible successful journey.

Broadening our Horizons

These years were marked by expanding into new markets, establishing a new customer base in Europe and transitioning from floppy disks to CDs and embracing new technologies. Transoft also added to its ever-growing product portfolio and doubled its staff.

Global Expansion and Innovation

Transoft shifted into high gear over the recent years with acquisitions being one of the main drivers of the company’s evolution. Many of the acquired companies have brought new technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and leading aviation software solutions.

Message from CEO




Transoft Solutions is extremely proud to be marking our 30th anniversary. Our mission has been to build the world’s most trusted, innovative, and intelligent transportation software and we have achieved what we have set out to do when we released our first product, AutoTURN in 1991.  Reflecting on the long history of this company, I’d like to acknowledge all our employees past and present that have helped to create a thriving business and a great place to work.  And to our customers, without you Transoft would never exist. Your support has never been taken for granted and I thank you for your continued commitment to Transoft.

Milton Carrasco