Real-Time Traffic Forecasting & What-If Analysis

AirTOP WIZer (What-If analyZer) integrates the AirTOP fast-time simulation engine within the operational environment. It provides Area Control Center (ACC) supervisors, Flow Management Positions (FMPs), traffic managers, airport operators and more with a real-time decision support tool, allowing them to forecast and assess traffic complexity and controller workload based on the current real-time traffic demand. It also allows them to perform real-time what-if analysis to achieve efficient demand capacity balancing (DCB).
A real-time air traffic complexity assessment tool to support Area Control Center (ACC) supervisors’ and flow managers’ decision making by providing a live forecast of future air traffic situations and sector loads. Includes real-time what-if analysis by testing alternative sector configurations, altitudes and/or routes, Demand Capacity Balancing (DCB) measures and more.
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Customizable To Customer Needs

Like AirTOP, AirTOP WIZer is designed as an expandable, modular application which can be easily customized to fit clients’ specific needs. In particular, new modules or features can be added to the application without modifying the system architecture in order to support the following:

  • Custom data sources
  • Customized workload/complexity calculations
  • Customized traffic counts
  • Customized systems of sector and airspace organization


AirTOP WIZer offers role-based user management to control access rights to the tool. In addition to the default users (administrator, technical, operational, viewer), other new users can be created and their rights configured as needed.


AirTOP WIZer is able to produce reports and image, text or PDF files both automatically and on-demand when explicitly requested by the user.

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