Arabic Guide and Street sign design


Traffic engineers can sometimes have difficulties when designing traffic guide signs and traffic street signs for Arabic regions like Dubai and Qatar. Luckily Sign Design Pro Qatar comes with a huge regional traffic sign library for easy use. Besides, the Arabic virtual keyboard gives users full control of creating custom traffic signs in the correct language.

The Guide signs area in Sign Design Pro contains all local destination signs such as; G500, G501, G502, G505 and many more. The street name signs use the Arabic keyboard to easily add destinations and any additionally allowable blocks such as the Ring Road symbol are also offered as an option where design rules allow. Design time is reduced to a few seconds making it very easy to add many signs to a drawing.

If you are curious to see how this works in Sign Design Pro Qatar you can take a look at the short video below. In case you like to test this for yourself and , you can download and request a free trial here.

Besides the Qatar version we also offer Design Pro software for the United Kingdom: Sign Design Pro UK and Design Pro for Dubai: Sign Design Pro Dubai