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Comprehensive Traffic Tools to Boost Your Productivity

Gather and evaluate information that can be used in traffic impact assessments, network analysis, speed and delay studies, or road user behavioral analysis. From traffic counts and speeds to turning volumes and multimodal assessments — boost your productivity without sacrificing accuracy in the data when performing traffic-related studies.

Whether you’re working on a simple or a complex project, our traffic impact solutions can help you produce accurate, and comprehensive analytics.

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Road Safety With Enhanced Insights

Transoft’s traffic software helps you combine the correct data with comprehensive analysis—so you can make fact-based decisions to assess road user behaviour and identify infrastructure improvements.

Benefits for Our Clients

  • Forecast the traffic impact of new development projects
  • Propose traffic improvements
  • Save time from filling out manual data in spreadsheets
  • Make better use of resources based on data analysis

Explore Traffic Impact Products

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TrafxFLOW Brochure

TrafxFLOW Brochure

Quick and easy video analytics tool for speed and traffic studies.

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