Transoft Solutions features a wide range of vehicle simulation and transportation engineering software for the AEC industry. Whether you are working on a site design, loading bay, parking lot, roundabout, intersection or sign design plan, Transoft has your needs covered with highly specialized and easy-to-use software developed by, and for, transportation engineering professionals.
Vehicle Simulation
The largest selection of advanced swept path solutions to suit your design needs.
    The advanced swept path solution for modeling 3D vehicle simulations and checking spatial clearance.
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    The leading vehicle swept path analysis and turning simulation CAD software.
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    The premiere online solution for performing vehicle turning simulations.
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    The vehicle swept path solution for architects using Autodesk® Revit®.
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  • Manufactured-based vehicle-library
    Subscribe to MAP for AutoTURN Pro and get 250+ vehicle models based on manufacturer specifications.
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Signage & Marking
Streamline the traffic sign planning and designing process with powerful and flexible software.
    Streamline the traffic signing plan process, optimised for the UK.
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    Streamline the traffic signing plan process – optimised for Qatar.
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    Streamline the traffic signing plan process – optimised for Dubai.
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    Our highly efficient road marking software for the UK.
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    Our highly efficient road marking software for Qatar.
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    Our highly efficient road marking software for Dubai.
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Traffic Impact
Innovative online software for on-demand traffic impact data and analysis.
  • TrafxFLOW
    On-demand video-based solution providing various multimodal traffic metrics through an online dashboard.
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Road & Intersection Design
From new road construction to rehabilitation work, our solutions accelerate the process.
    Roundabout design solution for the feasibility, conceptual, preliminary, and detailed design stages.
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    The leading roadway intersection design solution for new construction and rehabilitation projects.
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Site Design & Development
Quickly design and check different layouts using optimum workflow processes.
    Advanced CAD software for planning and designing parking sites of all sizes.
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What Our Clients are Saying

good software, easy to use, almost self-explanatory
Niedersächsische Landesbehörde für Straßenbau und Verkehr
It seems like a very intuitive tool that dramatically increases the ease and speed with which to create various parking layouts and iterations.
Denis Gibbons, Skanska UK
Very good tool. We only use a part due to the type of projects we carry out but we get a high performance from it.
Actuaciones de Ingenieria y proyectos, S.L. (aip)
ParkCad is a useful and dynamic tool for assigning different alternatives of parking lots in a few time. Moreover, I am extremely fascinated by the optimization tool and the accessibility for disabled. Finally it is really wonderful to afford more local codes.
Ahmed Saad, Namaa Consult
AutoTURN is a very useful and indispensable software in the verification of trajectories
Bouygues Construction
We have been using AutoTURN Online and it works fine for us. As an architectural office developing a wide range of projects, we use AutoTURN Online because we use Apple (Mac) computers and there isn't another program that supports Apple (OS) or ARCHICAD.
Edwin Smit, Mulderblauw architecten, The Netherlands
Very interesting. I was unaware of having focused on the Master in Logistics much more in logistics management, but this software for the subject of infrastructure seems very useful to me.
Escuela de Ingenierías Industriales
Great program that we use everyday to test highway designs
Max Hall - Local Transport Projects UK View Case Study
AutoTurn is one of the Best tools that I have Come across in my career which has a consistent in approach and has been improving in every new version. I Hope to see more advanced features in the Future.
AECOM Middle East
We've been using AutoTURN Pro for a year now and find the simulations and compatibility very user friendly. We've been running AutoTURN on a BricsCAD platform and found the software to be cost effective in comparison to other similar products on the market. The support team at Transoft solutions are very helpful. We've recommended AutoTURN to a number of our clients.
Adama Consulting
Very helpful and easy to use software which saves a lot of time.
Rizwan Muhammad, Parsons International
It is a very useful tool for transportation simulation and helps a lot.
CT Ingenieros
We have been using Sign Design Pro Arabic for a major project and it has been fundamental in preparing high quality drawings from QTM.
At AMEC we rely on design tools that aid our complex design Briefs. Using Sign and Line Design Pro helps us achieve those design goals.
a very complete program and a quite detailed explanation that makes its use quite clear
Grupo Viarium
ParkCAD is an awesome and very useful tool for designing. very much excited to practice it and learn it.
Bendapudi Bhaskar, Mott MacDonald
Always very useful to see the different functions / possibilities of the software and how to achieve it
Sabert Bureau d'Ingénieurs
I use Autoturn on a daily basis, it is the start of drawing a new realisation in an existing environment.
Stad Gent
Sign Design Pro offers the designer all the tools to create everything from a simple sign through to the most complex gantry sign.
AutoTURN is an excellent design tool that is an invaluable part of the organisation design process.
Wiltshire Council
Sign Design Pro Arabic from Design Pro Software served us very well for our Bahrain project.
with AT you can make chicanes to help slow down traffic effectively
Gemeente Leusden
I use Autoturn online and am satisfied with the possibilities of the online version. It has the most important features to run a good simulation efficiently.
It is a good program if you have many projects about parking
Miguel Casares, Grupo Viarium
AutoTurn is very useful and practical for the projects I work on.
Iris Conseil
Right off the bat, (TORUS) was very user-friendly and all the menus are very straightforward. I was able to do everything I had done previously and more on that complex intersection within minutes. It took me ten minutes to do what I had done with the other software in three weeks. I’m only at the beginner level of roundabout design, so it was a learning experience for me.
– Jorge Simbaqueba, EIT, BETA Group, Connecticut
AutoTURN's library is more extensive than Covadis' I'm currently using.
Razel-Bec Fayat
Interesting in general and in particular the 3D simulations are very indicatory. Thank you.
EMT Madrid
ParkCAD is a very useful tool for layouts. Great for speed!
- Pius Lee, SNC-Lavalin
Your assistance was top notch. Helpful and professional. I only had to explain the problem once unlike the experience with other software venders. Worked through the problems in a logical way keeping me informed of developments. I would be happy to recommend your support service to colleague and other organisation. Regards, David
David Spencer - Bouygues UK
What can I say but 'wow I love the programme!'.
There is no better software in this area for me
Stadt Göttingen
Great tool to easily decide on layout
Dirk Hanekom, AECOM
The presentation in the webinar gave me a good impression about the additional possibilities your program offers compared to the VESTRA swept path module.
dwd Ingenieur GmbH
Its a good software to achieve quick results.
Shani Waheed, JACOBS
Who's Using Our Products