Gantry – Road Sign Holder


‘Gantry Signs’ can go by different names in different regions that all refer to a structure that is used to mount traffic signs to. Other common names are also Road Sign Structure, Road Sign Holder, Traffic Sign Structure or Traffic Sign Holder. Gantry signs are more used on roads that have multiple lanes as it is a very common method to mount traffic signs above specific lanes.

With Sign Design Pro Qatar, G300 gantry signs can be created for up to 8 lanes. Users can easily adjust the lane width to suit the desired carriageway or highway and select the correct route classification colour. Our traffic sign design software also has a lane sign border style to create lane signs easily.

We have put together a short video that shows how gantry signs can be created in Sign Design Pro. In case you like to test this for yourself, you can download and request a free trial here.

Besides the Qatar version we also offer Design Pro for the United Kingdom: Sign Design Pro UK and Design Pro for Dubai: Sign Design Pro Dubai

Gantry signs go hand in hand with wind loading calculations.