Multiple road signs on one post


When designing roads and highways there often comes a time that you would need to add multiple road signs in a single area. This often leads to attaching multiple road signs on one post. This is more common with traffic and road signs that are on a single post and less common for traffic and road signs that are mounted on multiple posts.

When designing a sign assembly with more than one sign to a post Sign Design Pro Qatar has many align and scale tools to correctly space the sign faces such as the Align and Centre function. This allows the user to position the sign faces correctly with little to no effort.

If you are curious to see how this works in Sign Design Pro you can take a look at the short video below. In case you like to test this for yourself, you can download and request a free trial here.

Besides the Qatar version we also offer Design Pro for the United Kingdom: Sign Design Pro UK and Design Pro for Dubai: Sign Design Pro Dubai