Road, Junction & Roundabout Design

Civil and transportation engineering professionals can plan, design, evaluate and visualize their roadway and highway projects with greater efficiency than ever before. From new road construction to rehabilitation work, our flexible solutions accelerate the design process for Roads, Junctions (Intersections) and Roundabouts.
TORUS Roundabouts
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Intelligent CAD software for the efficient planning and designing of modern roundabouts.
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NEXUS Intersections
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With the patented features, intersection layouts can be generated in just minutes.
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What We Bring to the Drawing Board

Engineering, architectural design and construction companies face many global pressures including competition in project costs, resources, and quality. To remain ahead of the competition, AEC professionals need to spend their time coming up with ideas and doing actual design work; not on performing tedious checking and drafting jobs.  This is why more and more AEC firms have turned to Transoft Solutions for a better way.

Who's Using Our Products