AutoTURN Pro and Plex.Earth – 3D vehicle simulations directly into Google Earth

We have recently joined our efforts with Plexscape to allow engineers and designers to publish 3D vehicle swept path simulation objects directly into Google Earth. Now it is time to celebrate the integration of AutoTURN Pro technology with Plex.Earth by offering an in-depth training run by our inhouse specialists of both software.

Would you like to have instant access to high-quality satellite imagery and terrain morphology data and demonstrate your swept path analysis with our 3D realistic vehicle libraries, directly on Google Earth?

Be among the first ones who will benefit from our partnership and get thorough training from our software specialists.

Join us for this webinar where we will demonstrate for you how you can import imagery and create swept path analysis, displaying the end result in a 3D realistic environment.
Learn how to create and share engaging presentations and reduce project revisions and overall design cost.

Your vehicle swept path simulations will never look the same!

Webinar Info
Presented By
David Homola
11:00 CET