In Focus | Runway Capacity – A practical software approach

Join us for the upcoming IN FOCUS Live Webinar on runway capacity!

Runway capacity is commonly referred to as the maximum hourly throughput the airport runway system is capable to sustain during periods of high demand. Evaluating runway capacity is of interest for airport operators in that it poses a critical performance measure and bottleneck, often having a substantial impact on and even limiting overall airfield capacity. In this webinar, we will summarize fundamental concepts of runway capacity and factors influencing throughput. A structured overview and classification will give insight into the available methods for evaluation and their applications and use cases. As some of these methods are based on demand with varying degrees of randomization, results and the uncertainty therein need to be interpreted in statistical sense. A wide-spread approach to uncertainty is referred to as Monte Carlo method and will be explained. Particular attention will be paid to validating the throughput and evaluating the capacity for a given demand distribution and Level of Service, which are in practice often the relevant questions at hand. The solution is an approach to the evaluation of practical runway capacity. Examples will illustrate the different concepts and a practical approach to runway capacity.

AirTOP is the only end-to-end solution covering the model of airports, the flow of passengers and ground vehicles, the movement of airplanes from gate to gate as well as in the airspace. It is a comprehensive modular solution for fast time simulations and optimization requirements. Current users of AirTOP include Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP), Airport Authorities, Airlines, Research Labs and Consulting companies.

The presentation will be approximately 45 minutes long and held by Stefan Pröbsting, Software Engineer at Airtopsoft​. Stefan holds a PhD from the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology and has worked as a software engineer at Airtopsoft (now part of Transoft Solutions) since 2016. He’s been responsible for the development of the AirTOP Runway Capacity Analyzer, which will be the main focus of this presentation. Take the opportunity to raise your questions in the Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

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Stefan Pröbsting
09:00 CET