Intersection Design for Middle East and North Africa – Background, Basics, and Design Elements

Educational intersection design webinar for the Middle East and Africa. This webinar consists of 3 1-hour sessions and are held at 14, 21 and 28 February.

We are glad to introduce to you: a concise, quick and hands on overview for at-grade intersection design basics and principles.

Our design engineers will review with you the background needed for at-grade intersection design, introduce to you the most commonly used terms and definitions and go more beyond that by covering design considerations for different intersection design elements.

You will also see how those design elements appear in our NEXUS software and how is NEXUS software used in designing real life intersection examples and proposing different design scenarios in a matter of minutes.

This webinar series will be Free of charge and held at 14, 21 and 28 February.

Webinar Info
Presented By
Ashraf Mostafa
10:00 CET