Wind Pressure on Traffic Signs


As traffic signs are usually mounted, wind pressure becomes a factor when designing traffic, road and highway signs. If a sign is not capable to withstand wind pressure a potentially dangerous situation can emerge. For this reason road designers and engineers will need to check wind pressure on traffic signs.

When using Sign Design Pro Qatar, mounting signs that can withstand wind pressure, are safe and economical using the built in Wind loading Structural section can be achieved with little effort. The software uses the latest BS codes such as BS EN 1991-1-4 &BS EN 12899-1 and optional passive sign supports are available for a safer design. Structural Calculations can also be exported to Excel for further review and checking during design or checked during design using real time feedback or bar graphs to illustrate applied forces.

If you are curious to see how this works in Sign Design Pro you can take a look at the short video below. In case you like to test this for yourself, you can download and request a free trial here.

Besides the Qatar version we also offer Design Pro for the United Kingdom: Sign Design Pro UK and Design Pro for Dubai: Sign Design Pro Dubai