Aircraft Data Viewer New Version Release


Aircraft Data Viewer is a one-stop aircraft specification resource, with detailed technical information for over 550 airplanes and helicopters. Data such as dimensions, steering characteristics, door locations and jet blast impact can be viewed with ease. The location of ground service connections is also highlighted together with the type and position of the various aircraft service vehicles. Aircraft Data Viewer 3.0 includes the following improvements:

  • A search function has been added to make it easier to find aircraft
  • Where available, the following new data has been added:
    • IATA Type code
    • ICAO Designator
    • ICAO Wake Turbulence Category (WTC)
    • Maximum Taxi Weight (MTW)
    • Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW)
    • Maximum Landing Weight (MLW)
  • Helicopter data is now presented
  • The latest version of Transoft Solutions’ installer and license system is now incorporated
  • As always, the latest object library version, with new and updated aircraft, is included.

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