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AirTOP Airside Vehicle


AirTOP Airside Vehicle provides rule-based modelling capabilities to simulate the ground support equipment (GSE) vehicles at airports:

  • Service equipment allocation to aircraft
  • Customizable vehicle performances (speeds, fuel consumption, emissions, etc.)
  • Service road networks, including intersections with taxiways or taxi lanes
  • Service road closure management
  • Dynamic allocation of vehicle parking positions, either for long-term or temporary
  • Dynamic allocation of pick-up or drop-off locations for passengers, baggage, or catering
  • Dynamic allocation of refueling stations
  • Seamless integration with the Airside Aircraft module

Limiting investment risks and managing expectations around future capacity and delay levels is made possible thanks to the high-fidelity business rules that AirTOP Airside Vehicle allows for ground support equipment vehicles. Such rules result in an accurate representation of how ground vehicles operate. The simulated interaction between aircraft and ground vehicles allows the user to identify operational bottlenecks.

Whether a project involves comparing the performance of alternative airport layouts after expansion, gaining an in-depth understanding of airport bottlenecks, or evaluating the effect of new processes or ground support equipment on capacity or delay, AirTOP Airside Vehicle provides the means for the analysis.

The AirTOP Airside Vehicle depends on the AirTOP Airside Aircraft module, reflecting the strong coupling between aircraft and vehicle operations on the airfield. The module can also be used in combination with other AirTOP modules to provide complete gate-to-gate simulation.

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Platform Compatibility

Platform Requirements
Java 17 64-bits
Languages Available 
System Requirements
Full support for 64-bit operating systems
Windows® 8 or later
MacOS®  X 10 or later
Linux kernel 2.6 or later (e.g. Ubuntu, Fedora, RHEL)