The most advanced Vehicle Swept Path solution to date | AutoTURN 10.1


Transoft Solutions is pleased to announce the release of AutoTURN® 10.1 and AutoTURN Pro 10.1., The most advanced Vehicle Tracking and Vehicle Swept Path CAD software solution to date! This release includes new simulation and analysis features, as well as vehicle library additions and extended platform compatibility for Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2018 and Bentley® MicroStation® Connect®.

By adding even more new features that you will not find in any other swept path solution than AutoTURN, the AutoTURN 10.1 release proves that AutoTURN continues to be the leading swept path analysis software on the market. Our research and field testing validate our simulation results, ensuring our users get to work with the best and safest vehicle swept path software possible. With our research and innovations we keep bringing new tools to the industry, while making sure our vehicle libraries are constantly updated.

All Maintenance Assurance Program (MAP) subscribers, can download the latest version for free.

What is new in the best Vehicle Swept Path software to date:

  • Custom Vehicle Profiles for 3D – Draw a profile outline to instantly define the vehicle model for enhanced 3D clearance analysis;
  • Intelligent Vehicle Orientation Detection – Automate the orientation of your simulation vehicles based on the geometry of the drawing;
  • Maximum Swept Path Width Calculation – calculate the widest point of the combined vehicle tracks and body clearance;
  • Lane, Center and Waypoint Line Definition – select lane lines and center lines to control the drive path with increased precision for route and circulation analysis;
  • 3D Load Shape Extrusion – extrude a 2D load shape and analyze the 3D vehicle envelope;
  • Property Styles – Your designs can be easier to read, reflective of your company standards and styles shared among team members to manage consistent styles of the drawings;
  • Body Articulated Vehicle Types – articulated dump trucks, wheel loaders, and compactors are now available.
  • Intellipath Enhancements – you can now select lane lines, extrusion lines and lane preference to define more complex automated paths involving lane changing.
  • New and updated vehicle libraries for Spain, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, British Columbia, Delaware, Minnesota, Florida, Puerto Rico, Texas, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Hong Kong & New Zealand
  • Realistic Plan views added for Certu Afnor, Cerema, Crow 2012, FGSV 2001 Israel MOT 2011, AASHTO 2011, TAC 1999, NACTO, NCHRP 659, Caltrans 2012, Austroads 2013, RTS 18 & New Zealand