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Transoft is a one-stop solution for your transportation engineering needs

Whether you are working on a roundabout, intersection, or sign design plan, Transoft has your needs covered with highly specialized and easy-to-use software.

Powerful Features That Enhance Your Workflow

Speed up the planning
and design process

Evaluate safety and
standard compliance

Explore design options and

Increase productivity by
reducing manual iterations

Optimize designs while
minimizing rework

Apply appropriate regional

The Latest Technology for your DDI Geometric Design

With NEXUS DDI, we are revolutionizing manual geometric designs, allowing you to focus on the front end design efforts and minimizing the time it takes you to make revisions. This software was built to achieve a well-rounded design that carefully considers the design vehicle and non-motorized users. Generate your geometric designs based on the following:

  • Multi-model considerations: right of way, site constraints, motorists, pedestrians, and cyclist
  • Design principles: design vehicles, design speed, crossover designs and path/crossroad alignment (various types & methods)

NEXUS DDI also has a variety of helpful features that support planning, designing, and evaluating the safety and efficiency of Diverging Diamond Interchanges.

The Most Advanced Turn Simulation Software with Swept Path 2.0 Technology

Performing swept path analysis can help you catch mistakes that could prove costly, including damage to vehicles and infrastructure. AutoTURN Pro can check your designs using 3D capability and advanced automation to quickly check for safe and efficient vehicle access and adherence to transportation guidelines.


3D Capability - Instantly see where you may need to adjust your design. Our patented 3D technology highlights potential conflicts between vehicles and terrain or overhead obstructions.

Intellipath - Automated vehicle path trajectories enable you to generate complex maneuvers in seconds, saving time with faster checking and less rework.

Manufacturer-based Vehicle Libraries - These models are based on manufacturer specifications. They are dimensionally accurate for analysis and visually appealing for presentation.

The CAD-based Solutions for your Traffic Engineering Design

GuideSIGN Plus enables you to create and design highway and roadway signs, plan the installation of traffic signs and easily add in pavement markings with the most up-to-date MUTCD 2004 SHSM, 2012 supplement.

You can create customized signs, group the signs, mount them on a structure type, and plan the placement of the signs onto the road layout.

Easily delineate or demarcate traffic lanes, place turning symbols, mark pedestrian crossings, indicate obstacles, and add transverse marking into your road design. To finish it off, you can create comprehensive reports outlining all of the details.

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