Important update about Aircraft Data Viewer

As we continuously develop and improve our cutting-edge technology, we are investing in AeroCENTRAL Specifications, an application on our recently launched AeroCENTRAL platform to replace Aircraft Data Viewer (ADV). Below is some further information about this update.

Why is Aircraft Data Viewer (ADV) no longer being developed?

As part of Transoft’s ongoing commitment to innovation and providing the best tools for our industry, we recently launched our new cloud-native platform, AeroCENTRAL. Moving ADV’s capabilities into an online and more user-friendly platform seemed the obvious choice, so we developed AeroCENTRAL Specifications as an application on this new platform to replace ADV. This new solution is crafted to enhance user experience and provide additional benefits to those currently appreciated when using ADV.

What is AeroCENTRAL Specifications?

The AeroCENTRAL Specifications application brings the market’s most comprehensive database of technical aircraft data and characteristics to the online environment. For airport planning and operational purposes, it provides access to a quality-assured library of over 600 airplanes, helicopters and eVTOLs. In addition to aircraft dimensions, additional planning data such as jet blast, door elevations, service points and service arrangements, are all provided via the application.

What’s new and what to expect?

Retaining familiar features from ADV, AeroCENTRAL Specifications also brings significant enhancements.

  • As a cloud-based application, it provides quicker and easier access to the most up-to-date database of aircraft characteristics and details
  • A more intuitive, user-friendly experience makes navigation and data retrieval simpler with a redesigned user interface. No download or installation is required
  • Data is accessible no matter where you are, from any internet-connected device
  • There are more options for comparing aircraft details, with information presented in a common and consistent format
  • Additional filtering and sorting functions make it easier to identify and review critical aircraft models and associated technical data
  • It seamlessly works with other AeroCENTRAL applications to support even more efficient airport operations

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