To get an even better understanding of what AeroSTRIPE can offer, we encourage you to watch it in action by exploring our video library below. Here you can find links to full length product presentations and other AeroSTRIPE-related webinars, and shorter highlight videos which focus on specific features and functions.

Product highlights

Not everybody has the time to watch a full length product presentation. Our software highlights are short videos focusing on specific features or problems. Explore AeroSTRIPE highlights below.


AeroSTRIPE in 60 seconds


AeroSTRIPE - Enhanced Taxiway Centre Lines


AeroSTRIPE - Runway Markings


AeroSTRIPE - Taxiway Centre Line


AeroSTRIPE - Holding Lines


AeroSTRIPE - Joining Lines


AeroSTRIPE - Set of Taxiway Markings


AeroSTRIPE - Text Markings

Product presentations

Presented by internal product managers and experts, our Product Presentations are a great way to learn more about what Transoft Solutions aviation software have to offer. Watch the full length product presentation of AeroSTRIPE below.

An introduction to AEROSTRIPE

The AeroSTRIPE software will assist you in the design of Runways, Taxiways and Aprons using its impressive libraries of both ICAO and FAA markings, standard road text markings and symbols that are pre-drawn to the correct size and shape. Learn more about the features and functionalities in this presentation.