A New Approach To Transportation Infrastructure Design

What if our typical design process incorporated safety as a primary design consideration?

Introducing Safety-Driven Design – a fresh perspective on design that aims to eliminate unsafe traffic interactions and align with safety objectives for all road users. Watch the video to delve deeper into this pioneering concept.

At Transoft Solutions, we are committed to ongoing innovation, striving to empower our users to harness the full potential of our product line for their traffic safety and transportation design projects.

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Identify hazardous interactions among all types of road users to proactively anticipate, diagnose, and tackle today’s traffic safety issues, without waiting years for crash data.


Test multiple maneuvers and clearances for cars, buses, and bikes to guarantee that designs are both accurate and safe for all types of road users.


Design curb ramps in 3D that meet approved guidelines for safety and serviceability.

TORUS Roundabouts

Simplify your roundabout design with automated initial geometry to analyze the safety of the design.


Streamline the process of generating roadway signs by incorporating panel styles, text fonts, and symbols that adhere to safety regulations and visibility standards.

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