Ahead of the Curve

The Transoft Story

Written by Wayne Moriarty

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Watch the recorded Ahead of the Curve book launch. BIV Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Kirk LaPointe interviews Transoft Solutions’ CEO, Milton Carrasco, about his early day in Uganda to exiled refugee to ultimately creating a successful and enduring global business founded on principles of caring, collaboration, and social responsibility.

About the Book

Part biography, part business blueprint—Ahead of the Curve is the fascinating account of how a tech start-up impacted the world. In 1991, Transoft Solutions released a software called AutoTURN that transformed transportation engineering. Over the next 30 years, the company created numerous innovations that are now globally used by transportation professionals— for designing efficient roadway intersections, simulating passenger flows at airports and modelling airspace, using artificial intelligence to analyze traffic safety, and much more.

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Ahead of the Curve details the intriguing history of this remarkable company, as well as the journey of its visionary founder Milton Carrasco—from humble beginnings in Uganda to exiled refugee to ultimately creating a successful and enduring global business founded on principles of caring, collaboration, and social responsibility. This book documents the company’s strategies, its corporate culture, the lessons learned, and how its highly aligned management team addressed the challenges it faced. It is a powerful rag-to-riches story with a big heart.

What People are Saying

Ahead of the Curve is a compelling story of vision, hard work and perseverance. It is also a story of family, partnership and caring. Transoft owner Milton Carrasco has been a visionary in the industry of transportation engineering. He has a rare combination of technical foresight, business acumen and people skills.

Jeff Paniati, Executive Director and CEO, ITE

Ahead of the Curve presents a candid portrait of overcoming challenges and having faith in one’s values as a compass to success. It also inspiringly demonstrates the importance of using one’s privileges to help the wider world. Its lessons are lessons for all of us.

Kirk LaPointe, Publisher, Business in Vancouver

For the students of leadership, this is a great, real world example of the success that can be achieved with sound leadership, passion, vision—and above all, an unfaltering focus on customers, employees, quality products and doing what’s right for the long run.

Tom Byron, Former Assistant Secretary, Strategic Development, Florida Department of Transportation

From the history of Milton and his family, to the start and growth of Transoft, with some nuggets of sage advice in the interviews along the way—very impressive.

Bill Sampson, former Director, McTrans, University of Florida Transportation Institute

An enlightening and inspiring story about the vision of Milton Carrasco and the software powerhouse he created in Transoft Solutions. His unique, pragmatic and effective leadership style is fascinating. The amazing journey of Transoft is a compelling story, one in which I found myself cheering for Milton and his company’s success every step of the way. The DNA of Transoft reflect Milton’s values—respect, hard work, fairness and innovation. Transoft anticipated what the market opportunities were by listening, doing their market research and developing timely and relevant products. A terrific and refreshing read for senior business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Kevin Bent, CEO Rides.ca, former Publisher, Pacific Newspaper Group

I never thought that the Transoft story would be as exciting as an adventure book, but it is precisely that and more. Transoft’s success compares with giants like Microsoft, Google and Apple—perhaps not in scale but definitely in substance. Literally ahead of the curve.

Dr. Basil Psarianos, Professor, National Technical University of Athens

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About the Author

Writer Wayne Moriarty is a retired journalist and the former Editor-in-Chief of The Province newspaper in Vancouver, British Columbia. This compelling story, Ahead of the Curve, is based on hundreds of hours of his interviews with company founder Milton Carrasco and key Transoft employees, past and present, as well as research of the company’s products. The knowledge acquired from three years of research helped him put together this comprehensive insight into the DNA that underlies this incredible company’s 30 years of success. The book design is by Tracy Jager, a Vancouver freelancer with 20 years of experience as a graphic and marketing specialist. Wayne worked closely with Tracy to strategically develop and shape the content of the book and its many facets.