ParkCAD – The most advanced software for Parking layout design

ParkCAD is the world’s premier CAD-based software for designing, checking, and editing all types of parking layouts in only minutes. Just select a defined area, and with a click of your mouse, automatically create parking lots that conform to your unique design criteria (i.e. stall configuration, length, and width, aisle width, island radius, etc) using a set of powerful design tools.

ParkCAD leaves the competition behind as with its intelligent algorigthms, capable of:

– Calculating the most efficient layout, so the maximum number of parking stalls can be fitted to a certain area
– Calculating the minimum area where the desired number of parking stalls can be fitted
– Calculating the required handicapped stalls according to various countries’ standards
– and much more….

Register today and see what makes ParkCAD the best Parking stall design software on the market today.


Webinar Info
Presented By
Davíd Homola, Product Manager EMEA
11:00 CET