ROAD CEM – For road reconstruction design projects

ROAD CEM™ takes on the challenges faced by many users of existing road design software whose workflows can be overly complicated, unintuitive or inflexible. Ideal for designing new roads, highways and road reconstruction projects.

More about ROAD CEM:

ROAD CEM incorporates familiar workflows for processing survey data and creating digital terrain models. In this webinar, we will be looking at how ROAD CEM can assist you in a road reconstruction project, topics include:

• Import survey points with attributes
• Best-fit approximate the horizontal alignments along attributed points or other survey objects
• Define cross section design locations based on survey points to ensure data accuracy
• Calculate existing superelevation based on surveyed road centerline and road edges points
• Look into cross sectional information to account for milling and overlay and calculate the vertical alignment by best-fitting along these points
• Estimate quantities by cross section end areas
• Build 3D road model, suitable for 4D and 5D modelling
• Extract longitudinal breaklines for AMG (automated machine guidance)


Webinar Info
Presented By
Davíd Homola, Product Manager EMEA
11:00 AM CET